Kana Katase’s departure from the company was due to the “harsh glare and criticism” from her fellow actors | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kana Katase’s departure from the company was due to the “harsh glare and criticism” from her fellow actors

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Kana Katase left her agency at the end of September. She will continue her entertainment activities as a freelancer…

Actress Nana Katase has left the major entertainment agency “Kenon” as of the end of September. On her official website

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen her in action.

and reported She continued

As of September 30, I will be closing the official website (PC and mobile) and official SNS of Nana Katase. Thank you very much for your understanding.

As it says, the company will close its official website on October 1. As it said, all related SNS were closed on October 1.

Her life began to take a dark turn in November 2007, when her close friend Erika Sawajiri was arrested on drug charges.

At that time, a video of Katase and Sawajiri playing at a club spread on the Internet. Katase also came under scrutiny, but in her appearance on “Shuichi” (Nippon Television Network), she stressed her innocence and that she “didn’t know” about Sawajiri’s drug habit.

In July of this year, it was reported in “Bunshun Online” that the president of their live-in company had been arrested on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Act (possession of cocaine), and their home in Tokyo was raided.

At the time, Kenon denied the raid and urine test, but in the following week’s “follow-up” article in Bunshun, they retracted their previous statement and commented, “Katase has admitted the fact that her house was raided and her urine was tested.

“In other words, Katase had initially given false explanations to the agency. The relationship between the office and the talent is only possible when there is trust. If they lie to you, there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if she was upset, she couldn’t get away with it. I think it’s safe to say that Katase’s resignation was a de facto firing because he couldn’t take care of her anymore.

Ken-On is a major agency with many of Japan’s top actors. Ken-On is a major agency that has many of Japan’s top actors. It must not have been good for Katase, who is a member of the agency, to be the subject of various reports at the time.

It is said that people in the industry have become more critical of Katase since the reports.

“Immediately after Sawajiri’s case, when people involved in the business went to TV stations to do ‘business’, they were teased, “Katase, are you okay (laughing)? It was just a joke. It was just a joke for the moment, but it was not a happy one. Some of the actors asked the staff, “What about that? I heard that some of the actors in the company asked the staff about the report. It must have been painful for her to have other actors looking at her with suspicion.

Before she knew it, Katase had lost her “place” in the office. While Katase was pleading her innocence, she couldn’t afford to cause any more trouble. She had no choice but to leave the company.

Katase is expected to go freelance in the future, but the reality is harsh. Due to the series of disturbances, she is expected to refrain from using TV and commercials for the time being.

“She is such a fan of clubs that she even built a DJ booth in her house. She even has a DJ booth in her house. Her “night friends,” who left her after the Sawajiri incident, are now coming back to the club scene one after another. Katase has a good network of people, so she may be able to help organize some events,” says a music insider.

As a result, if she can do what she wants to do, leaving the company is a plus for Katase. Hopefully she will be successful in her “second life”…

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