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EXIT Kanechika was also Tweaked by the “Burdock Party”

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Comedy duo “EXIT” Kanekika Daiki appeared in an election special on network TV. Many celebrities expressed their support for the “Burdock Party,” but…

What exactly was the “Burdock Party”?

The “Burdock Party,” which was the talk of the town on SNS and other social media, was nowhere to be seen in the Upper House election held on July 10. The party, headed by newcomer Takushi Okuno, had 11 members in the proportional representation, but unfortunately did not win any seats.

At first, the party had a number of candidates, including actor Takayuki Yamada, former Johnny’s star Tomohisa Yamashita, and Taka of “ONE OK. Taka of “ONE OK ROCK,” and other popular figures of the moment all declared their support. The first to speak in support were martial artists Bob Sapp and Peter Aerts, and later, businessman Kai Haruki, martial artist Yuta Kubo, his ex-wife Sarah, and the Masked Girls appeared at speeches on the street. On YouTube, Okuno held a conversation with Hiroyuki Miyasako, Tenchim, and martial artist Mirai Asakura, all former members of “Ameagari Kesshitai,” to appeal for support among young people who do not vote.

The result, however, was a disaster. Mr. Okuno said.

“The only newspapers that covered it were the sports papers. Even if you take on a new challenge, you can’t win,” he said.

He attributed the defeat to the lack of media exposure. It is true that NHK and the major general newspapers rarely covered the results. A sports newspaper reporter in charge of politics said, “Mr. Okuno said, ‘The election is not a contest.

Mr. Okuno had been calling for the support of young people with the idea that “elections are a festival,” but I got the impression that he lost his way until the end. In an interview with Mr. Miyasako, he revealed, “Not many young people are watching this channel,” and there was a scene in which he was joked about it. The eleven proportional representatives who had been nominated were all almost unknown and lacked impact. If Takayuki Yamada or Tomohisa Yamashita had run, it would have been different…”

Mr. Okuno almost never showed his true face and wore either sunglasses or a tengu mask. This, too, created a sense of kookiness. After losing the election, Mr. Okuno said, “I’m going to move to take power in three years.

After losing the election, Mr. Okuno said, “I will work to take power in three years. If I can get the support of 25 or 30 million people, especially young influencers, I can do anything.

He had changed his mind….

Unfortunately, the Gobo Party was the first to be good. It was when the official website had fluffy statements such as ‘When I was thinking about what is the most important thing, it was a smile,’ and ‘Just simply protecting smiles and joy,’ and celebrities were featured.

I liked the mysterious feel. Then, as the campaign progressed, Okuno’s principles began to come out in full force. Some of them made me think, ‘What? (A reporter for a sports newspaper).

This was discussed in the “ABEMA Prime Election Special MC EXIT” (ABEMA This is illustrated by an exchange with EXIT’s Hiroki Kanekon on “ABEMA Prime Election Special MC EXIT” (ABEMA TV), which took place on the 10th of May. Asked about the reason for his activities, Mr. Okuno replied

He prefaced the question with, “Seriously, can I talk to you for five or ten minutes?

He prefaced his answer with the words “Japan-U.S. Economic Harmony Dialogue,” “Japan-U.S. Joint Commission,” and so on.

“Japan is just doing what the U.S. tells it to do.”

He went on and on about how “Japan is just doing what the U.S. ordered. He also cited the 46.3 million yen benefit misdirected transfer case.

“For example, we have been reporting on a person who misappropriated 46.3 million yen,” he said. But the Corona reserve fund, the unaccounted-for money, is 11 trillion yen, right? The media coverage of that is shorter than the 46.3 million yen she spent.

He criticized the media. MC Kanekon felt uncomfortable with this.

How do you think the celebrities who are supporting us are listening to what you just said? Did they understand what I just said and support me? If not, I think it will probably cause them trouble as well.

He admonished.

Mr. Kanekon’s core-oriented tsukkomi was praised on the Internet. Well, I am sure that Mr. Okuno will use this experience to revise his speech for the lower house election in three years’ time. I heard that he was seriously frustrated.

Mr. Okuno’s personal connections and financial power are real. I would like to see him pull off a “trick” that will make a big movement the next time around.

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