One year After the Divorce. Former Olympic Medalisy Ai Fukuhara Enduring the Bashing Received Due to Her Affair | FRIDAY DIGITAL

One year After the Divorce. Former Olympic Medalisy Ai Fukuhara Enduring the Bashing Received Due to Her Affair

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Fukuhara and Jiang got married in September 2016. The wedding ring is said to have cost about 30 million yen.

“It has been one year since their divorce. The possibility of spending time together as a family has emerged. Chiang Hung-Chieh says, ‘We have a plan.’ We are in the process of discussing it,” he says. Nothing seems to have been decided on the date and time of her return to Taiwan.

This is a report from the Taiwanese media, FTV News Network. July 8 marked one year since Chiang Hung-Chieh, the divorced former partner of Ai Fukuhara (33), the silver medalist in women’s table tennis at the London Olympics, separated from Taiwanese table tennis player Fukuhara. It is rumored that Fukuhara may come to Taiwan to visit her children there.

One of the key factors in the divorce is said to be Fukuhara’s affair reported by “Josei Seven” in March of last year. She dated a married man she knew, Mr. A, and stayed at his home and a hotel for a series of nights. At the time of the report, Ms. Fukuhara explained that she did not know that Mr. A was married, but it seems that they have continued their relationship since then.

“Mr. A divorced last November. Mr. A left the major trading company where he worked and became Mr. Fukuhara’s manager. He is a manager of sorts for Ms. Fukuhara and always drives a luxury foreign car when she goes out. They get along so well that it is hard to imagine Ms. Fukuhara returning to Taiwan.” (Entertainment reporter for a sports newspaper)

In private, Fukuhara seems to be leading a full life with Mr. A, but the blow Fukuhara suffered from the affair report was significant. His work has declined dramatically since he served as a commentator at the Tokyo Olympics in August of last year. He has been criticized one after another on the Internet, and has stopped updating his blog, Twitter, and other social networking services since early last year.

Why the Explosive Popularity in China?

Fukuhara, however, is unfazed and even relaxed.

It is said that she has a Chinese sponsor. It is said that luxury cars are supported by Chinese companies.

Why would a Chinese company support Fukuhara? Chinese journalist Zhou Laiyu discusses Fukuhara’s explosive popularity in China.

Ai, who was in China’s top table tennis league, has always been a very popular player. Many fans said that her lovely face was ‘like a china doll. Her mastery of the Chinese language has also made her approachable. Japanese athletes are often antagonized, but Ai is different. People even thought that she should have married a famous Chinese athlete or star. Therefore, even with the allegations of infidelity and her divorce from a Taiwanese man, she was still received favorably.

For Ai, China must be an attractive country. There is a lot of demand in China, which is favorable to her. Ai-chan is a sought-after celebrity and table tennis coach. The size of the entertainment and sports market in China is vastly different from Japan’s. The guarantees are enormous. The guarantees are enormous. It is not surprising that Ai is thinking of locating her future base of activities in China.

No matter how much bashing she receives, she is not afraid of it. It seems that Fukuhara’s eyes are not on Japan or Taiwan, but on the Chinese mainland.

  • Photo by Sono Aida

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