Reina Sumi in Perfectly Coordinated Purple Sleeveless and Bright Red Pants Delighted Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Sumi in Perfectly Coordinated Purple Sleeveless and Bright Red Pants Delighted Fans!

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Reina Sumi, a freelance announcer, has been attracting a lot of attention after she posted a photo of herself in a purple sleeveless dress and bright red pants on her Instagram account. She was inundated with comments praising her, saying, “Her smile is lovely,” “looks cute,” and “adorable.”

Sleeveless and vivid colored pants are so summery! The sandals are see-through and cool (from her Instagram @sumi_reina).

She showed her outfit of a purple sleeveless blouse and bright red long pants. She is wearing heeled sandals and her reddish pedicure is so cute! It is a cool style perfect for summer.

Speaking of Sumi, whenever she appears in a TV program or magazine, she always post and announces it on her Instagram. Even though Sumi is an influencer with 780,000 followers, her posts are sure to have a great publicity effect for the show. This kind of mamame may be the reason why she continues to be selected.

However, in this post…

She said, “I was not able to promote the show. The missed streaming is on Hulu. It’s funny and informative, so be sure to tune in!!! And we also have Donut Talk airing tonight at 23:45.”

How unusually, Sumi confessed that she had forgotten to advertise the program. Still, she apologized using an emoji and firmly introduced the missed broadcast, which was an excellent follow-up.

Sumi has recently been sought out by a variety of TV programs. With so many appearances on TV, it is likely that she sometimes forgets to make announcements. Her unusual appearance may have made some people worry whether she is overworking herself.

Fans surely hope she takes a good rest from time to time!

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