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Former Prime Minister Abe’s Shooting: Grief of Allies, Aides, and Loyal Disciples

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Former Prime Minister Abe rushes to give a speech in support of Akiko Ikuina in late June

She said, “Eh! …… impossible ……. I don’t believe that.”

Takaya Imai is said to have said this when he received a phone call from a media person on July 8 with the news that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had been shot. Mr. Imai hung up the phone in disbelief. Mr. Imai was an aide and secretary to former Prime Minister Abe and was called his closest aide.

The shooting of former Prime Minister Abe sent shock waves through Japan and the world.

U.S. President Biden said.

“It is a loss not only to the Japanese people, but to the world.”

He expressed his condolences.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen also posted a photo of herself and Abe on her social networking service. South Korean President Yun Sik-Yue sent a telegram of condolence to Abe’s wife, Akie, and other messages of condolences have been received one after another from political circles around the world.

On the other hand, it is the Japanese political world that is more surprised and shocked. Mr. Abe was a member of the Diet for about 30 years and served as prime minister for eight years and eight months, the longest administration of any prime minister in history, and spent a long and deep time with many political figures.

When Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso heard about the incident, he said, ‘No way! I heard that Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, upon hearing of Prime Minister Abe’s incident, shrugged his shoulders. Former Prime Minister Abe and Mr. Aso did not always have a good relationship. However, as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance since the second Abe Cabinet was formed in 2012, Mr. Aso has supported Mr. Abe for a long time. Although Mr. Aso is much more senior to Mr. Abe in politics, they became like allies toward the end of the administration. I think that is why he is in a state of shock.

Shortly before the incident occurred, former Prime Minister Abe is said to have told Deputy Prime Minister Aso by telephone,

“Prime Minister Kishida looked me in the eye and said clearly, ‘We must move forward with constitutional reform. We must firmly support the Kishida administration.”

Abe may have meant to say, “Let’s support him ‘together'”. However, the recent incident has made that impossible.

Among those involved in the political world, Sanae Takaichi, former Prime Minister Abe’s “protegee,” is said to have been shocked by the incident, saying, “If it is terrorism, it is unforgivable. I hope he will live. I hope he will live.” He was acting stoutly.

Mr. Takaichi seems to be exhausted. Of course, for Mr. Takaichi, Mr. Abe was a person who could be called a “political mentor” and was his backer. On top of that, this incident took place in Nara, Mr. Takaichi’s hometown. He seems to be feeling a sense of remorse.

The shock of this incident is too great. We do not know when those who were close to Mr. Abe will be able to accept the reality of the situation.

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