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Benefit fraud case: Main suspect Matsue: “It has nothing to do with me” Translation

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Rinka Sato, re-arrested on June 21.

Nakamine (Ryu Chen) and the others did it on their own. I had nothing to do with it.

On July 4, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department re-arrested Matsue Taiki, 31, on suspicion of fraud in connection with the alleged fraudulent use of anti-new coronavirus sustenance payment. In addition to Matsue, 10 other people were arrested in this case, including Ryu Chen Nakamine, a former employee of Daiwa Securities, and Rinka Sato, an employee of a real estate company. Many of those arrested were investment associates in a virtual currency-related business, Mining Express. The total amount of damage reportedly amounted to 200 million yen.

The suspect, Matsue, left Japan for the UAE with his family in February of this year, but returned to Japan on June 13 and was arrested. The reason for his return to Japan is stated in the superior complaint he submitted. It has been reported as if I played a leading role, but this is not true. I would like to return to Japan and give a full explanation. The report also included a document written by Matsue’s parents, which stated, “We will have you appear before the police on the 13th (when you return to Japan). Please don’t arrest me because I will tell the truth. He believes that he is not the main culprit and his parents believe so, too. Furthermore, when the Sato suspect was arrested, she was talked about on the Internet as being ‘too cute,’ and this case has attracted a great deal of attention.

As for the Matsue suspect, he was seen getting out of a Rolls Royce worth about 50 million yen in a video of a seminar they were holding, and there are also reports that he owned a Lamborghini. An acquaintance of Nakamine said.

A friend of Nakamine’s said, “Matsue was basically a friendly, cheerful, and outspoken type. I remember he was always smiling with his gums showing. Actually, Matsue’s relatives were also into multi-businesses. I grew up watching him like that, so he started doing a multi-business called “N” a long time ago. But that didn’t go so well, so he started running a meat bar in Ebisu.”

The defendant that Matsue names as the one who “did it on his own” is Nakamine. There are reports that this defendant Nakamine and the suspect Sato were living together in a luxury apartment. However, at the trial held on June 29, Nakamine said, “I was told by [the suspect] that [Matsue] was going to give me benefits.

Nakamine said at the trial held on June 29, “I was asked by [Matsue] to be the clerk for the application for benefits.”

A former acquaintance of the defendant said.

“It seems that Matsue joined Mining Express because he met a person named ‘T.’ It seems that there was another person above him. Matsue says he is not the main culprit, perhaps because he feels strongly that ‘I was just doing what T and the person above him taught me.

If it is true that he was cheating taxpayers out of their money and driving around in luxury cars amid the COVID-19 crisis, it is far from forgivable. The authorities are investigating Matsue as the leader of this crime.

Matsue was re-arrested on July 4.
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