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Akihiro Tabuchi of “Indians” “Sleepover Love” with a Popular Actress

M-1 Grand Prix 2022" winner candidate has first romance! The whole scene of the take-home with a grin that just won't stop!

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Tabuchi leaves his home with Mino the morning after the sleepover. Boldly removing his mask and carrying his trademark sunflower-patterned backpack, Tabuchi dropped her off at the nearest station.

That day, the two members of “Indians” were making a guest appearance at the solo live show of their senior comedian, “Henderson. The duo, who had been finalists in the “M-1 Grand Prix” for three consecutive years up until last year, were the favorites to win the competition, and were sought out not only for comedy events hosted by Yoshimoto, but also for live performances by their colleagues.

When the live show ended after 8:30 p.m., Akihiro Tabuchi (37), who is in charge of blurring, did not attend the launch and jumped on a train to go home.

Tabuchi, who is a man of energy and who blurted out a series of words like a machine gun, was not at all tired from the hard schedule he had been following day after day. In fact, the opposite was true. As soon as Tabuchi hurried home, a beautiful woman with flabby breasts and a slit in her skirt appeared from the darkness. She entered the room where he was waiting.

Tabbutchan invited Suzume Mino (26) into his room.

She is a popular actress exclusive to the “FALENO Group” with 93 cm G cups.

They are both from Hyogo Prefecture and former sportsmen, so I guess they hit it off,” said Tabuchi’s acquaintance.

Mino has released seven titles so far this year under the “DAHLIA” label, which specializes in ladies. She is as machine-gun as Tabuchi.

This magazine ran into them again a few weeks later. Tabuchi came out of a bar in the basement of a commercial building with his eyes downcast, and Mino, her bare legs exposed, was right behind him. When Mino intertwined her arms around Tabuchi and whispered in his ear that she loved him, Tabuchi did not take it personally and tried to act nonchalant, but he could not stop grinning until he brought her back to his house.

We hit Tabuchi directly.

–You are dating Ms. Mino, aren’t you?

“I’m not dating ……! We are just drinking buddies who met a few months ago.

–Do you think there is any possibility of a relationship developing?

“We are really good friends, but I don’t know what the future holds, but so far we haven’t talked about it.

–You stayed over at a friend’s house?

I was drinking at home!

–I heard that you haven’t had a girlfriend for 9 years.

It’s been almost 10 years! I hope to get married in my 40s or something, but right now my main focus is work. This year, I will be conscious of winning the ‘M-1’ championship.”

Mino also answered that Tabuchi is “a drinking buddy.

He is a very kind and considerate gentleman. He is a good listener, so he is like a big brother to me. He is also the best commentator on Ghibli in the world.

If he and Mino form a meat-and-potatoes duo, it will give them a boost on their way to winning the “M-1” championship.

The July 8 issue of “FRIDAY” reported in detail on their “sleepover. The paid version of the magazine, “FRIDAY GOLD,” carried several photos, including some that had not yet been published.

He succeeded in bringing her home safely. I meditated with deep emotion. Bino’s beautiful legs glowed glossily in the dark night.
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