Hiroki Kobayashi, the retired TBS analyst, “seduced” Chiharu Saito, who also fell for him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroki Kobayashi, the retired TBS analyst, “seduced” Chiharu Saito, who also fell for him.

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Kobayashi is reported to be in a passionate relationship with Chiharu Saito, the next TV Asahi ace. However, suspicions of a two-timing relationship surfaced…

I will graduate from TBS at the end of July 2022!

On July 6, TBS announcer Hiroki Kobayashi announced on his Instagram page that he will be leaving the station at the end of July.

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Kobayashi is his love affair with TV Asahi’s Chiharu Saito, which was reported by “FRIDAY” in June 2009.

Saito is a former member of “Nogizaka46” and is considered to be the next ace of the group. Kobayashi, on the other hand, was ranked in the top 20 of the “Junon Super Boy Contest” during his high school years and won the runner-up prize in the “Mr. Keio Contest” during his college years. They were a picture-perfect “handsome man and beautiful woman” couple.

During the stakeout, Kobayashi’s shadow appeared to be that of another woman, and it was reported that they were in a two-timing relationship. However, the furore did not end there.

The editorial department received information one after another from women who were in relationships with Kobayashi, leading to what was called a “six-timing scandal” and revealing Kobayashi’s “philandering” side. Many women told us that he had hit on them via Instagram DMs (direct mails),” said a women’s magazine reporter.

Due to the media reports, the actresses who had been appearing regularly on “Akko ni Omakase! and other programs in which she appeared regularly. She has been narrating “N-sta” and other programs since this year, but has had almost no opportunity to appear on screen as an announcer.

After the news broke, he was just a “naughty guy” within the TBS bureau, but the TV Asahi side was furious. Saito thought he was in a serious relationship, but when he opened the door, he was just one of many women he had been in a relationship with.

She was deeply hurt by that. TV Asahi may have felt strongly that she was “hurting one of our signature announcers. It is difficult to use her as an announcer when that happens…” (TV station official)

(A TV station official) “It has become difficult for Ms. Kobayashi to return to the “place in the sun” as an announcer. In her resignation report, she wrote

“I am excited to be even a little bit closer to my new goal.

We wish her the best of luck with her next goal.

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