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Saori Kimura Long and Beautiful in Denim Legs Thrilled Fans!

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Saori Kimura, a former Japanese women’s volleyball player, has been attracting attention by showing a long beautiful legs in denim on her Instagram account. Comments flooded in, such as “Why are you so stylish?” and “She’s too cute.”

She is wearing a simple denim and T-shirt fashion, but her long, slender long legs are so attractive! (From her Instagram @saoriiiiiii819)

Kimura was first called up to the Japan national team at the age of 17, and at the Athens Olympics she attracted attention as a “super high school girl.” She continued to lead Japan’s national team as an absolute ace, winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics. At the Rio Olympics, she became the first female indoor volleyball player to compete in four consecutive Olympics. After retiring from active sports, she also appeared on the runway of “Tokyo Girls Collection” due to her overwhelming beauty. She was also active as a commentator at the Tokyo Olympics. She currently runs a cafe-bar with her family in Osaka.

This Insta-post was to promote a T-shirt with the logo of the store on it. On the left chest is a white T-shirt with a red heart surrounding the store’s logo, “SUNNY,” and on the back is the same logo in a large size.

Kimura’s Instagram page says, “I’m wearing a size L in White (fitting is available in the store).”

In fact, Kimura often introduces the store’s original clothes on her Instagram. In October last year, she advertised a hoodie on her Instagram live, but in order to introduce different colors , she showcased the product in a “quick change in 30 seconds” manner.

However, it is not only the T-shirts that are the talk of the town this time, but also Kimura’s overwhelming style. Her legs are so long that her shoes are not visible anymore. This must have been a surprise to her fans.

Fans take take eyes off of Kimura who continues to look great even after her retirement!

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