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Cosmetic Surgeon Drug Raped His Subordinate in His Home

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Takezawa (center), a suspect who repeatedly committed indecent acts against female subordinates

“I suddenly lost my memory while I was eating “, said Ms. A, a woman in her 20s who reported the incident to the police.

On June 30, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 arrested Shoichi Takezawa, 42, a cosmetic surgeon, on suspicion of having had semi-forcible sexual intercourse with Ms. A and of sexually harassing her. Mr. Takezawa is the director of Tokyo Mid Clinic, and Ms. A was a subordinate of Mr. Takezawa who worked at the clinic.

The incident occurred on April 4 of this year, when the suspect suddenly invited Ms. A to dinner the day before. Ms. A was not keen on the idea, but she accepted the invitation because it was the first time she and Mr. Takezawa had ever gone out to eat together.

They started eating at a restaurant in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, at around 3:00 pm. However, Ms. A suddenly lost her memory and her consciousness became cloudy. The suspect is believed to have drugged Ms. A with sleeping pills and repeatedly committed sexual abuse with her at home.

The place where she regained consciousness is …

Arrested Takezawa suspect

It was not until the early morning of April 5 that Ms. A regained consciousness at Takezawa’s home. Although her consciousness was cut off and her memory was not clear, she felt discomfort in her lower body and suspected that she may have been forced to engage in sexual intercourse.

After telling her friend what happened, Ms. A consulted with the Tsukishima Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. They found ingredients of sleeping pills in the woman’s body. We also know that she had gone to the bathroom just before she lost her memory.

Based on her testimony and other information, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested Takezawa. He told investigators, “I will talk about it after consulting with my lawyer.” Ms. A is not the only alleged victim. There are also several other women who have complained to the police that they had dinner with Takezawa and have lost their memories.

After graduating from a private medical university in 2004, Takezawa worked in plastic surgery and dermatology departments at various hospitals. He opened the “Tokyo Mid Clinic” in October of last year.

“He was misusing drugs in his position as a doctor. Drugs that are mixed with alcohol or other beverages for the purpose of indecent acts are called rape drugs. In recent years, the number of cases of rape drug abuse has been increasing: 15 cases were recognized in 2011, but this number jumped to 60 in 2020. However, the actual number of victims is said to be even higher, as women are hesitant to discuss sexual assault with the police,” he said.

Did Takezawa repeat similar crimes? The police are investigating extra crimes.

Clinic where Takezawa was the director (some images have been edited)
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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