Hirosue and Toyoetsu Holding Hands, Ishihara and Ayano embracing — Passionate Love Scene on the Set Revealed!. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hirosue and Toyoetsu Holding Hands, Ishihara and Ayano embracing — Passionate Love Scene on the Set Revealed!.

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Hirosue and Toyoatsu walk down the shopping street holding hands with sad faces. The roles of a mature couple suit them well.

The movie “The Demon Over There,” which will be released in November, is gaining attention.

It is based on a novel of the same title by writer Arano Inoue. The feature film depicts the love affair between a father, Mitsuharu Inoue, a mother, and Jakucho Setouchi. The film also commemorates the 100th anniversary of Setouchi’s birth.

Etsushi Toyokawa plays the father, Ryoko Hirosue the mother, and Shinobu Terajima the Jakucho Setouchi. The relationship between Toyokawa and Hirosue is particularly wonderful, with Toyokawa and Hirosue tacitly admitting their infidelity while developing an affection for each other. They seem like a real married couple in scenes as they walk hand in hand in the shopping street. Inoue, the author of the original novel, praised the film, saying, “The atmosphere of the film reminds me of the old days because it is so similar to my parents’.”

He is indeed a great actor. Once he gets a role in a drama or a movie, he can become any character he wants.

Hirosue and Toyoatsu are not the only actors who can be mistaken for a real couple or lovers. The hot embrace of Satomi Ishihara and Go Ayano, the park date between Suzu Hirose and Momori Matsuzaka, and the kiss scene between Fuka Koshiba and Kenta Nakajima . Take a look at the images to see the masterful performances.

Satomi Ishihara and Go Ayano on location for the drama “Love is Deep”  taken April 21, 2021.
Momori Matsuzaka and Suzu Hirose. Oct 2021. On the set of the movie “Wandering Moon”.
Nakajima Kento and Koshiba Fuka look at each other lovingly. They embrace and kiss each other during a scene shot in August 2021.
Nana Mori and Taiga Nakano, who co-starred in the drama “Kono Koi Atarashimasu ka.” (Photo taken in November 2020 after filming in Yokohama.
Akihiko Inohara and Noriko Nakagoshi embracing in an awkward gesture, photographed in May ’08.
Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura walk together in between takes on location for the movie “I Loved You Like a Bouquet of Flowers,” photographed in January 2020.
Miki Nakatani, who played a married couple in the drama “You Have a Home to Go Back to” with Hiroshi Tamaki, photographed in May 2018.
Kasumi Arimura & Kento Hayashi. During the filming of the drama “My Sister’s Lover,” photographed in November ’20.
November 2020. Kotaro Koizumi and Yoshino Kimura chatting during the filming of the drama “Mothers in Love.”
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Takero Yuzoku, Yusuke Kondo, Sota Shima

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