Kyoko Fukada Beautiful Smile with her Beautiful Dress Delighted her Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Fukada Beautiful Smile with her Beautiful Dress Delighted her Fans!

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Fukada was said to have never stopped smiling and being attentive, chatting with the staff during the filming of the commercial (from Yokohama Rubber press release).

Actress Fukada Kyoko’s beautiful white dress has become the talk of the town and her outfit in her new commercial, which has been on view since June 16.

The commercial promotes Yokohama Rubber tires and calls for caution against accidents in the rain. Fukada said, “There are five times more accidents when driving in the rain,” and then spread her hands wide to promote the company’s products, saying, “Yokohama Tire has many tires that can stop better in the rain.”

Fukada was said to have been all smiles during the filming of the commercial.

She smiled at the crew while checking the cut, and even when she was off the set, she was kind and charming, which made the whole staff feel relaxed.

Speaking of Fukada, she took a leave of absence in May 2021, based on the fact that her doctor had diagnosed her with an adjustment disorder.

Fukada’s life was extremely busy, as she was a very popular actress who was pulled from movies, dramas, and commercials. A few days before her agency announced that she would be taking a leave of absence, she had appeared at the unveiling of a new product for a company for which she had been working on a commercial. According to her office, she had been in poor health since last spring, and it seems that she had been pushing herself too hard.

About three months after the announcement of her leave of absence, she announced that she would be  resuming her activities. One year had passed since she began her recuperation, and judging by the smile on her face in this commercial, it seems that Fukakyung is recovering well. Still, don’t overdo it and don’t forget to apply the brakes from time to time!

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