Sei Tanaka, suspect, “tense arrest scene,” four and a half hours of futile resistance to police job offer. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sei Tanaka, suspect, “tense arrest scene,” four and a half hours of futile resistance to police job offer.

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Suspect Sei Tanaka having fun at a costume party. The fact that he was arrested again, nine days after his conviction, came as a shock.

Former member of the Japanese group KAT-TUN, Sei Tanaka, was again caught red-handed on suspicion of violating the Methamphetamine Control Law (possession).

Tanaka was arrested and charged with a violation of the same law in February of this year, and was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison with a three-year suspended sentence by the Nagoya District Court on June 20. Some are dismayed that he has committed a second offense in just nine days, but the suspect was said to have spent about four and a half hours “grandstanding” with the police officers.

The suspect was arrested by the Kashiwa Police Station of the Chiba Prefectural Police at around 10 p.m. on June 29, but it was four and a half hours earlier, at around 5:30 p.m., that officers spotted Tanaka behaving suspiciously. A police car on alert in the area approached Tanaka, who looked away, but he ignored them and entered a commercial establishment.

At this point, the police officer and Tanaka began a chase. The suspect repeatedly ignored him when he called out to him, and Tanaka was constantly making phone calls to somewhere. Convinced of the behavior characteristic of drug addicts, the police obtained an enforceable warrant and conducted a search of his belongings.

Meanwhile, backup police officers arrived one after another, and the number swelled to more than 10. Several police cars and ambulances also arrived, and the area around Kashiwa Station seemed to be in a state of excitement,” said a local TV reporter.

Later, a bag containing methamphetamine was found around the waist of Tanaka’s pants, and he was caught red-handed. The bag was 6 cm x 4 cm square, and the suspect appeared to be nodding his head.

He said, “I applied for a warrant, so it took about four hours from discovery to arrest. The area was completely dark and onlookers had gathered. Tanaka did not like the police’s “manhunt,” and was silent when asked his name. He was not very cooperative,” said a local TV reporter.

In the end, however, he “fell” when confronted with physical evidence. Tanaka told the investigators

“There is no doubt that I had it in my possession.

Tanaka admitted to the investigation that he had the evidence.

If he is prosecuted, his probation will be revoked and he is likely to be imprisoned. Nevertheless, it is unusual for him to reoffend just nine days after his conviction. If his dependence on drugs is pronounced, medical prison may be an option,” said a legal expert.

In an apology video released after his arrest in February, Tanaka said

In an apology video released after his arrest in February, Tanaka said, “Some people say that this kind of case is a victimless crime. I myself was told so by a detective.

However, I believe that this is the worst act that has harmed and victimized my family, fans, friends, and the most important people in my life.

He said. At the trial, his own father also took the stand.

He said, “My whole family will support me.

He was so shocked that he betrayed the feelings of the people around him.

Tanaka easily betrayed the feelings of those around him. Some believe that he needs professional medical treatment in order to be rehabilitated. What will he think about in the detention center to which he has returned?

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