Kuno, Hisashiro, Ugaki…female announcers belonging to a major entertainment company, “Aura of a New World”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kuno, Hisashiro, Ugaki…female announcers belonging to a major entertainment company, “Aura of a New World”.

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Nippon TV announcers Shizuka Kuno (right) and Mami Sugino, photographed in Ginza, Tokyo in May 2007.

We are pleased to announce that NTV announcer Shizuka Hisano will become a member of our company effective July 1.

On June 17, major entertainment agency Shochiku Engei announced on its website that Shizuka Kuno, 33, is leaving Nippon TV at the end of June. The reason for Kuno’s departure is that she is leaving Tokyo to base herself in the Kansai region upon her marriage.

Anna Kuno will be remarrying; she married a civilian man in February 2005, but they divorced in October 2007. She has not revealed any details about her partner this time.

There were rumors that she might retire after her marriage, but she will probably continue to work as a freelancer by joining Shochiku Entertainment. The reason why she chose Shochiku Entertainment was “The! Sekai Oyoten News” where she worked as an assistant for 7 years from 2001. She consulted with Shofukutei Tsurube, with whom she co-hosted the show and who was fond of her, and was introduced to Shochiku Entertainments.

Recently, an increasing number of female announcers are leaving commercial key stations and joining major entertainment companies. These include Moemi Kushiro (32, formerly of Fuji Television) of Yoshimoto Kogyo, Akiko Kuji (27, formerly of Fuji) of Incent, which includes Mizuki Yamamoto, Minami Tanaka (35, formerly of TBS) of Fram, which includes Ryoko Hirosue, and Oscar, which includes Aya Ueto. Misato Ugaki (31, ex-TBS) of Oscar Promotion, to which Aya Ueto and others belong. …… We would like to introduce their charms with their treasured photos.

Surprising Reason for Deciding on Yoshimoto

Anna Hisayo, who left Fuji with her husband, YouTuber Harukun

Announcer Hisashiro, who left Fuji with her husband, YouTuber Haru-kun, who was expected to be the next ace of Fuji, appeared on the June 27 broadcast of “Painful! Akashi-hakkai Television” (Mainichi Broadcasting System Co., Ltd.) on June 27, and talked about the reason why she chose Yoshimoto Kogyo.

When asked by Akashiya Sanma, “Did you receive any offers from other agencies? Kushiro answered, “There have been a few (solicitations). I wondered which one would make Mr. Sanma laugh the most. Mr. Sanma burst out laughing.

It seems that a number of factors contributed to Hisayo’s departure from Fuji. She was suspected of being the accuser in the “Stemma Report” reported by “Shukan Bunshun” last April, and her private life with her current husband, YouTuber Haru-kun, was revealed one after another, causing upper management to feel a sense of crisis. …… I think the blatant personnel changes also disappointed Hisayo.

Why do so many freelance female announcers choose to work for major entertainment companies?

It is because the number of freelance female announcers is saturated. If they simply went independent, they would be competing with many other female announcers for announcing jobs. If they belong to a major entertainment production company, they will be able to work as a talent, actress, model, or something else besides announcer. It will be a chance for them to broaden their activities,” said an entertainment agency official.

Announcers trying to break new ground with a major agency. We look forward to seeing this new side of them.

In April 2007, Kuji was in a relationship with then Yakult pitcher Juri Hara. She is now married to basketball player Yuta Watanabe.
Off shot of Reina Sumi at a horse racing show she was in charge of during her time at TV Tokyo.
Anna Minami Tanaka during a photo shoot on the steps of a park. She is also an actress
Ugaki Misato, who also likes manga and anime and usually spends most of her time at home. She goes to the gym almost every day to keep her body in shape.
Announcer Kujiro who left Fuji with her husband, YouTuber Harukun
Kujiro graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Aoyama Gakuin University in March 2005
Announcer Sumi during her days at TV Tokyo
Minami Anna walking with her dog in Roppongi, Tokyo
Ugaki, who is also trying her hand at gravure
  • Photographed by Takayuki Ogawauchi Takao Kawakami Hiroyuki Komatsu Yusuke Kondo Masaaki Saito Sota Shima

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