Suspect, Sei Tanaka, his brother “SixTONES” tree and KAT-TUN are a big nuisance. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suspect, Sei Tanaka, his brother “SixTONES” tree and KAT-TUN are a big nuisance.

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Nine days after his conviction, the suspect, Sei Tanaka, was arrested again. What does his younger brother, Jyuki, who is active in “SixTONES,” think…?

He said, “I feel it was the worst act I could have done, hurting my family, fans, friends, and the people I love the most and making them victims. I am sorry.”

Was this apology a lie…?

We have learned that former “KAT-TUN” member Sei Tanaka was caught red-handed on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, on the night of June 29.

Tanaka had just been sentenced by the Nagoya District Court on June 20 to one year and eight months in prison with a three-year suspended sentence for possession of approximately 0.16 grams of methamphetamine at a hotel in Nagoya on January 30 and for using methamphetamine at a hotel in the same city around February 24.

In March after the incident, he posted an apology video on his YouTube channel. Filmed in a suit, he greeted the audience as shown at the beginning of the video and bowed deeply. He also said

I believe that no matter what the reason, the fact that I did something I should not have done should never be forgiven.

He spoke.

He did apologize in this video, but he did not swear that he would never do it again. Still, it must have been a shock to his fans and others concerned that he would be arrested again nine days after the verdict.

The biggest concern is probably Tanaka’s family. Tanaka’s younger brother is Taki Tanaka, a member of “SixTONES,” one of the most popular groups in Johnny’s. “After the arrest, Tanaka moved in with his family and lived with them.

After his arrest, he has been living with his family and focusing on his medical treatment. He believes in his brother’s rehabilitation and has supported him. He must have been looked upon with a certain amount of suspicion because of his brother’s involvement in the crime, and he must have felt sorry for the members of the group and felt small in his shoulders.

At his first trial, his father appeared in court and testified, “He is a kind and gentle boy who loves his family. The whole family will cooperate. Tanaka also said that he did not want to cause trouble for his family, so it is no wonder why he was arrested so quickly. It is also possible that he had not cut ties with the drug dealer.

The brothers are very much in love with each other, and in August last year, Tanaka’s younger brother, Tatsuru, wrote on a social networking site

Tanaka’s younger brother, Sei Tanaka, who has a bad behavior? Tanaka’s younger brother. When he was slandered on social networking sites as “Is it okay for a guy like him to be on TV?

Tanaka is a good friend of his brother and they have a loving relationship.

I think the age of the sandbag theory that celebrities should keep quiet is getting old, since it is my account and I am free to tweet whatever I want, and now is the time when claims for damages are being accepted from people who repeatedly slander others.

He vehemently protested, “I’m not a celebrity. He showed his brotherly side. On another day, he said

The other day, he revealed, “The other day I took a bath with my fourth son [Tatsuru].

He told his fans how close he is with his younger brother.

Like his younger brother, KAT-TUN must be very annoyed by the fact that every time he is arrested, he is referred to as a former member of the group. Speaking of Tanaka, he was dismissed from Johnny’s in 2001 for “repeated violations of the rules.

In May 2005, he was arrested on a street in Shibuya Ward for violating the Marijuana Control Law, but the charges were later dropped. The Johnny’s office is now worried about the fact that their names are mentioned in every scandal,” said a source involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

In addition to Tanaka, Taguchi Junnosuke, who left the group in 2004, was arrested and convicted of violating the Marijuana Control Law (possession) in 2007. One wonders how he feels about the trouble he causes his younger brother and former group members each time he is arrested…

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