Actress Yuu Imoo has engraved on her heart “One thing Ryohei Suzuki said to me | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actress Yuu Imoo has engraved on her heart “One thing Ryohei Suzuki said to me

I want to be an actress like Audrey Hepburn.

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Drama “You’ll Want It More and More” (BS-TBS) starring Yu Imou will start on July 7.

I did a reading of “Romeo and Juliet” as a finalist in the “Junon Girls Contest” in 2002, which led to my debut. It was my first time performing in the spotlight, and I felt like ‘this is what I wanted to do,’ and that’s when I became an actress. Now I am motivated by the time I have to spend with my roles.

Since making her acting debut in 2015, she has appeared in more than 50 dramas and films, including the NHK historical drama “Idaten: Tokyo Olimpic Banashi,” and in the “BOAT RACE She has impressed the public with her transparent image as an actress, playing the role of a rookie boat racer in a series of commercials for the Boat Race Promotion Association, which has been running since 2009.

I actually visited a boat race training center and experienced the harshness of the early morning roll call before filming. I was from Kumamoto Prefecture, so when I called my parents’ house for the scene, I spoke in Kumamoto dialect, remembering my mother. I miss being able to go back to Kumamoto so often for Corona and work.”

Imoo says he has learned a lot from his co-stars so far, including Anna Yamada, with whom he co-starred for the third time in the movie “Hiraite. In “Soiree,” produced by “Shinsekai Godo Kaisha,” a company founded by Kyoko Koizumi and Kosuke Toyohara, Imou played the role of Takara, who escapes from her abusive father by killing him repeatedly.

She played a complicated role, but Koizumi and Toyohara were very supportive. They were both producers, so they worked behind the scenes, laying the rails and driving the car, and while they were busy, they would often say to me, ‘You’re working hard,’ or ‘Aren’t you tired? He would often say to me, “Imou will be fine. From an actor’s point of view, it was nice just to have someone there for me, and the filming went smoothly.

In the 42-performance long play “Hiroshima Django 2022,” he was asked to be “tough” as an actor.

During the two and a half hours of the play, there was a lot of action, and I had to shout and run around a lot. However, Yuki Amami, Ryohei Suzuki, Toru Nakamura, and the other senior actors were all really tough and always cheerful, and even though they had been in the industry for a long time, they took the stance of being younger than the younger actors.

In his private life, he is a master calligrapher and a black belt in karate.

Her favorite pastime is muscle training. I guess because I used to be a sports girl, I gain muscle easily.

When I was little, I cried because I was frustrated that I couldn’t beat my father in a game of chanbara. Then my mother asked me, ‘If you want to be so strong, let’s go to a nearby dojo,’ and I started karate. I was still small, so people praised me when I imitated them, even if only a little, and as I got into the swing of things, I soon got into it.

In the movie “I am a Cat! I had the opportunity to use my karate experience in the action scenes of the movie “We Are the Cats!

The director said, “Karate, which aims for lean movements, is completely different from action, which aims to attract people’s attention. The director told me, ‘Just let your movements be natural,’ but when I checked the camera, I wasn’t satisfied with them. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s not good at all,’ but Mr. Takeda gave me a lot of advice.

Now that he has more experience, Imo says, “I have a lot to learn, and every day I have to reflect on what I did. Even so, his attitude is positive.

When Ryohei Suzuki, who co-starred in “Hiroshima Django,” won an Academy Award, he said to me, “I won an award at my age (38 at the time of the award), too, and it’s still a long way to go.

I am not in a hurry now, but I will take each job as a challenge, and I hope that eventually many people will take notice of my work. Eventually, I would like to become an actress like Audrey Hepburn, whose performances will last forever and never fade away.

She will play the lead role in the drama “Kimi wa dantan kuishikunaru” (BS-TBS), which will start on July 7, 2012, for the first time. Imoo has played serious roles in the past, but in this drama, she plays a comical character for a change.

I have often played roles with a dark side or a lack of happiness, but I am actually a cheerful person, and I have always wanted to play such a role. I’ve always wanted to play a role like that. For this role, I’m hoping to give it my all and go straight for it.

These days, “I’m watching Comdot’s YouTube!”
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