Yuka Ogura’s breakup with Mirai Asakura and the aftermath of the “descent furore” may lead to a full-fledged entry into the Chinese market. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuka Ogura’s breakup with Mirai Asakura and the aftermath of the “descent furore” may lead to a full-fledged entry into the Chinese market.

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Mirai Asakura, who announced her breakup with Yuka Ogura, has a bout with world-class boxer Mayweather coming up in September…

‘I’m a raving free spirit, me’

On June 28, martial artist and YouTube star Mirai Asakura held a live-stream on Instagram and revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend.

During the live-stream, he answered questions from fans.

“You don’t have a girlfriend right now?”

Asakura answered the question, “Do you have a girlfriend right now?

Yes, I do. Not recently, but I broke up with her a while ago.

Asakura was embarrassed to reveal that his girlfriend had broken up with him a short while ago.

The staff also said, “It’s a live concert.

But the staff was impatient.

But Asakura said, “It’s okay to say so.

“It’s okay to say so,” Asakura said matter-of-factly.

but Asakura said matter-of-factly, “It’s okay to say so.

“I’m totally free.

Asakura was once reported to be in a relationship in a weekly magazine.

Asakura’s relationship with gravure personality Yuka Ogura was once reported in weekly magazines. There were rumors of a breakup for a while, but when a weekly magazine directly hit Asakura in April last year, Asakura replied, “No, no, we are not broken up.

No, no, we are not broken up.

She denied it.

Speaking of Ogura, in July 2008, she appeared on “Appare Yatteremasu! Wednesday” (MBS Radio) just before the end of the live broadcast.

Please let me quit.

(MBS Radio) in July 2008. The fact that he took to the public airwaves caused an uproar. The following month, he actually left the program.

Ogura-san explained that he wanted to leave this radio program, which is broadcast late at night, because he lives a life in which he gets up early in the morning. In fact, there was a view that since Asakura lives a regular life, he might be trying to accommodate this.

Asakura had also openly declared their relationship to a weekly magazine, and there were rumors of marriage, but I didn’t realize they had broken up…” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Asakura is a mixed martial arts fighter, and there is talk that he will fight former five-weight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather (USA) in a boxing rules exhibition match at “RIZIN” (venue TBA) in September. Just the fact that the match has been decided has made Asakura’s name known all over the world.

Asakura is not only a fighter, but also has a YouTube and apparel business and advertising income. He has revealed himself in the past that his YouTube videos with fighter Rukiya Anbo have earned him about 100 million yen per month. No other Japanese martial artist has an annual income in excess of 1 billion yen.

Ogura-san’s girlfriend was Asakura, a wealthy fighter, so he was “blind in love. It seems that “love is blind,” and that he offered to leave late-night radio, which is the most outrageous thing in the entertainment industry. Some TV people say they never want to work with a talent like Ms. Ogura again. It is nothing but a sacrilege to those who are serious about making programs,” said a TV station official.

Ogura has revealed in past magazine interviews that she is expanding into China. She has also commented in Chinese on Instagram and has performed in Chinese at events.

The Chinese market is very large. Will she give up on the Japanese entertainment industry and seek a new path in China…?

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