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Fuji Announcer Ako Nagao’s “Unexpected Transfer to the Public Relations Department” and the Surprising Reputation Behind it

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August 2009. Ako Nagao, 28, was interviewed by this magazine immediately after her appearance on “Mezamashi TV.

I am not good at getting up early, but I decided to stretch and drink cocoa, and now I wake up more refreshed than before,” she said in a media interview she gave at the beginning of the year.

This is what Fuji Television’s Ako Nagao, 28, said in a media interview she gave at the beginning of the year. She is a graduate of Nagasaki University’s environmental studies department and joined Fuji Television in 2004. Since 2006, she has been working as an entertainment anchor for “Mezamashi TV” and has been gradually gaining popularity, but on June 28, a surprising personnel change was announced. However, on June 28, a surprising personnel change was announced: Nagao was to leave the Announcement Office and move to the Public Relations Department and the Public Relations & Advertising Division.

Nagao had a good reputation within the station and was well-liked by the staff on the ground.

She was originally mainly involved in news programs, so she is not as well known as the announcers in charge of variety programs, but she makes a good impression. He was a science major when he was a student, and he is good at analyzing things. He was also well known for his announcing skills, having placed fourth in the nation in the broadcasting club when he was in high school. She was a girl who cared about both staff and performers, and did not have the personality to change her attitude depending on the person, so she was well received by the staff” ( Fuji Television station staff member)

In January 2009, she became a topic of conversation when she declared on the program, “I have a boyfriend! in a TV program in January 2009. In August of the same year, this magazine captured a photo of her and her boyfriend.

Since she had a good reputation among viewers, her transfer must have come as a surprise to Mezamashi fans. In most cases, announcers at key stations are transferred for some special reason, such as a strong desire to move to another department. The TV industry is said to be whispering about this transfer.

The following is what is being whispered in the TV industry regarding this transfer. Nagao’s profile on Mezamashi TV says that she is not good at waking up early, but without joking, it seems that she is really bad at waking up in the morning. The staff of “Mezamashi TV” have been pushed around many times by Nagao, who is not good at getting up in the morning. About one hour into the broadcast, she started to get tired of the entertainment corner. In one case, Nagao joined the entertainment corner about an hour after the program started, and her junior colleague, Marino Fujimoto (26), sometimes appeared in her place. (26), a junior staff member, would often appear in her place. It was rumored that this was due to oversleeping. It was rumored that “oversleeping may have been the cause” of these incidents. The station’s upper management may have thought that Nagao’s strengths would be better utilized in a different department rather than as an announcer who often broadcasts live. )

When we interviewed Fuji Television about the reason for the transfer, they responded, “I can’t tell you anything about it.

Although they do not appear on TV like announcers, public relations officers are undoubtedly “the face of the station” in another sense. The earnest and good-natured Nagao will no doubt do well in his new position.

  • Photo Takahiro Kagawa Ichiro Takatsuka

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