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100 pills in one night…comatose woman left to die “drug overdose party” bizarre contents

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Suspected Doctor Saito Arrested for Leaving Woman in Coma


Overdose is a drug overdose. On June 27, a 48-year-old man was arrested in a case related to overdose. The suspect was a doctor.

Koichi Saito, of Asao Ward, Kawasaki City, was arrested by the Ikebukuro Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of abandonment of a child under protective care. On June 11 of last year, Saito and five other men and women gathered in a business hotel room in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, for the purpose of overdosing on drugs. It appears that they took a large quantity of drugs and attempted to alleviate their anxiety and mental distress.

However, a 38-year-old woman, Ms. A, who had taken more than 100 cough medicines and other medicines in one night, went into a coma. Despite being a doctor, Saito left Ms. A unconscious and left the hotel; Ms. A was left there for more than 11 hours before being taken to the hospital the next day after a report by another man who had attended the event. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, and the cause of death was poisoning,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

When questioned by the police, Saito denied the allegations, saying, “I thought [Ms. A] was sleeping. Two other men who participated in the event were also arrested, but they reportedly admitted to the charges.

There are 30 members.

Suspect Saito met the victim woman about 5 years ago.

The drug overdose meetings, in which the suspect Saito participated, seemed to be held frequently.

Saito met Ms. A through Twitter about five years ago. Mr. A created a LINE group. The group is known to have had about 30 members. At the meetings, participants not only ingested drugs, but also drank large amounts of alcohol. The suspect Saito made a statement to the effect that he ‘started holding the meetings to relieve stress.

Why is overdose spreading throughout society? Former Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective and crime journalist Taihei Ogawa spoke up.

“It is not illegal to take cold medicine and the like, but it is a gray area. However, there is no doubt that it is dangerous. Some people take illegal drugs all the time. Some addicts are said to be taking illegal drugs. And taking them with alcohol is extremely dangerous.

It could become a breeding ground for crime. They commit crimes such as committing indecent acts with comatose women. The purpose of the arrested doctor’s crimes will probably be revealed in the investigation.

The number of victims of overdose has been increasing, including the death of a high school girl in Shiga Prefecture last December.

It appears that he had held several drug overdose meetings in the past.
The suspect, Saito, was acting suspiciously as he came out of the Ikebukuro police station in Tokyo.
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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