Shosuke Tanihara Enjoys a “Two-faced Life” as a Caster in the Morning and an Actor at Night! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shosuke Tanihara Enjoys a “Two-faced Life” as a Caster in the Morning and an Actor at Night!

His main MC show "Mezamashi 8" is going great! Taking a break from his busy schedule, Tanihara appeared in a stage production of "Otona Keikaku" for a month and a half!

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It was around 9:00 p.m. on May 29 at the Honda Theatre in Shimokitazawa. Appearing from the backstage entrance was a rather tired-looking Shosuke Tanihara (49). He was performing in “Drive-In California,” a play by “Adult Project” that day. This stage is a long one and a half month performance in Tokyo and Osaka. She must have put an extraordinary amount of effort into the performance, as she was absent from “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network), where she serves as the main MC, for three days for the first day of the performance.

He returned to “Mezamashi 8” on the 30th, the week after the first day of the play. He will continue to be absent from the program every Wednesday, perhaps because the stage will be performed twice a day, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

He will be absent from “Mezamashi 8” every Wednesday during the performance period. In fact, he had been scheduled to appear in the play before he became MC in March 2009, and since it would be his first performance in the “Otona Keikaku” stage, which he had often seen since he was in his 20s, he was eager to perform in the play even if he had to take a break from his regular TV program. She was going to perform in the play for the first time in her career, even if it meant taking some time off from her regular TV program.

Mezamashi 8″ recorded an average household viewership rating of 5.4% in March, tied for second place with “Sukkiri” (Nippon TV). The reason for this is that “Tanihara’s comments” on the news are catching the attention of viewers.

Mr. Tanihara is a very clever person, so I think he dares to make comments that are out of character for him and sometimes make enemies. The way he uses his head in the wide-ranging TV show has increased his theatrical skills, and his experience on the stage will also be put to good use as an MC on “Mezamashi 8”. I think that’s why she chose to lead a busy life.

Perhaps this “two-faced lifestyle” is having a positive effect on his work.

Shosuke Tanihara is enjoying his “two-faced life” as a newscaster in the morning and an actor at night.

From the June 24 and July 1, 2022 issues of “FRIDAY

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