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Avex Chairman Reveals Akiko Wada and Ryoko Yonekura’s “Legacy and Where We Are Now

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Akiko Wada (left) and Ryoko Yonekura (right), whose past feud was revealed by the revelation of Avex Chairman Matsuura…

The “disdain” ruckus by the chairman of the major record company Avex, Katsuhito Matsuura, has unexpectedly flared up.

On June 19, Matsuura was aired on YouTube, where he called several female celebrities “hag,” “ugly,” and other such epithets. He was forced to explain in a live broadcast on the 23rd. Mr. Matsuura said

If (he) was really hurt by those comments, I apologize,” he said.

On the other hand, he also apologized to some of the media outlets that reported his remarks.

I apologize if [he] was really hurt by that comment,” he said. People who watch that much think that way.

The article had malicious intent.

He also lashed out at some of the media outlets that reported his remarks, saying, “They cut out whatever suits them.

Matsuura’s comments revealed an unexpected fact about the “unusual relationship” between Akiko Wada, a famous singer, and Ryoko Yonekura, a talented actress.

In a live broadcast, Matsuura openly declared that he “hates” Yonekura. He was a bit tight-lipped about the reason for his dislike of Yonekura, but then he spoke up as follows.

When Ryoko Yonekura was being upset with Akiko Wada, I took her side and she said, ‘You shut up! Then I started to hate her. I was like, ‘What’s wrong with this woman? I’m trying to help you. Akko-san was furious.

If Matsuura’s revelations are true, then a grudge had developed between Wada and Yonekura. On the Internet, too.

What happened?
What happened?

and “What happened?

However, the two were not the only ones to have a falling out, as on March 8 of this year, they were seen together at the “BVLGARI” Ginza store. BVLGARI AVRORA AWARDS 202 2″ International Women’s Day at the luxury brand BVLGARI’s Ginza store on March 8 this year. On the following day, Wada uploaded a two-shot photo of herself and Yonekura on Instagram.

Yesterday, I was happy to see Yone (Yonekura) for the first time in a long time at the kick-off event for the BVLGARI AURORA AWARDS,” she wrote.

Yone (Yonekura) and I met for the first time in a long time yesterday,” she wrote.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen Yonekura again.

I used to see her sometimes at bars, but I haven’t seen her in a while,” she confessed.

She confessed, “I used to see her sometimes at bars, but we haven’t seen each other recently. He added, “Yone is always working hard.

Yone is always working hard and is amazing.
Let’s have dinner again soon. I’m also breaking up early these days.

He sent a message saying, “I’m always working hard and it’s great. A reporter for a sports newspaper wrote

The context suggests that they used to drink together, but then became estranged for 10 years and met again at the March event. Perhaps they had an argument at the event where Ms. Matsuura was also present, and their “no-meeting” relationship continued after that.

The “no-meeting” relationship may have continued after that,” he surmises.

On the other hand, an entertainment industry insider who knows Wada dismisses this as “a common story. When Wada drinks, he becomes strict about etiquette and sometimes lectures his partners. Often, the other party retorts, and an argument ensues.

But the next day, he is on the “no side. If there was any rough behavior, Mr. Wada’s personal staff would call the other party and follow up. His relationship with Yonekura-san is not as bad as he says. It is a common experience for anyone who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time.

If things were really bad, they would not be speaking at the event together. Furthermore, Wada’s calling her “Yone” is proof of their closeness. The entertainment industry insider mentioned above said, “Wada-san calls his juniors by their first names.

Wada-san calls his juniors by their first names and his seniors by ‘san. He also calls his seniors by their given names to show his familiarity with them.

For the late Mitsuko Mori, he called her ‘Morichichi,’ and for Chiyoko Shimakura, he called her ‘Chiyocchi. I think at least Mr. Wada is open-minded because he casually calls her ‘Yone. I think she is at least open to him,” he says.

I think at least Ms. Wada has opened her heart to him.

After a 10-year reunion, we may soon hear that the two “drank” together.

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