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A Glimpse in the Current Life of Former South Korea President Moon Jae In Despite Accusations Against Him

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Ex-president Moon was all smiles when he stepped down as president in May this year. (Image: AFP/Afro)

“This is not the Himalayas. This is a mountain lodge on Mt. Yeongchwasan in the Korean Alps. Everywhere you climb a mountain, you need a cup of noodles.”

On June 24, former South Korean President Moon Jae-in, 69, posted on his Instagram page about his climb with a joyful caption. The mountain he climbed was Mt. Yeongchuksan, near his home in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province), in the south. His appearance has changed drastically since his term in office. He has grown a white beard and uploaded an image of himself chatting with friends while eating instant ramen noodles.


“Since finishing his term as president in May of this year, he has been living a comfortable life of retirement at home. He’s been growing crops in the fields and hanging out with his dog. Looking at his Instagram pictures, it seems that his expression has become much calmer than when he was president,” said a Korean newspaper reporter.

However, Moon’s idyllic life is not likely to last long. The “X-Day” of the former president’s arrest is becoming a reality. In the background is a scandal that has surfaced in the vicinity of Moon Jae-in. Kim Hyun, the Tokyo bureau chief of the Daehan Financial Daily, reports.

“The scandal is about the June 2018 mayoral election in the southern city of Ulsan. The candidate who won the election, defeating an opposition candidate at the time, was Song Cheol-ho, who is said to be a ‘friend of Moon’s for 30 years. Many government officials are alleged to have improperly interfered in the election.”

A Surprising Reason Why the Trial Has Not Progressed

From Moon’s Instagram: His appearance has changed dramatically since he was in office. He has a white beard on his chin.

In January 2020, the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors Office indicted a string of key government officials. Thirteen people were indicted at home for violating the Public Offices Election Law, including the former chief secretary for political affairs. In April 2021, two more people were indicted, including the head of the National Political Situation Office, bringing the total number of government officials arrested to 15. Kim continued,

“According to the indictment, prior to the election, the presidential secretary instructed police authorities in Ulsan to investigate opposition candidates and their close associates on suspicion of corruption. As a result, Song wins. However, both the opposition candidate and his entourage were not indicted after the election.

Officials at the Cheongwadae (presidential office) also asked rivals in the ruling party who were vying for the nomination of a candidate with Soong to abandon their candidacies. It is suspected that Cheongwadae systematically assisted Song in making his campaign promises and illegally removed internal city documents from the city.”


The Ulsan mayoral election case is the most serious allegation of fraud under the Moon administration. However, the trial has been slow in progress. More than two years have passed since the indictment, and not even a verdict is expected anytime soon.

“The biggest reason is that the government’s justice minister, who was at odds with the opposition-affiliated attorney general, obstructed the investigation by moving a large number of prosecutors and others to the left.”

The prosecutor general who was at odds with the justice minister was the current president, Yun Suk-yeol. Upon assuming the presidency, Yun took what could be seen as “retaliatory” action. He ordered a thorough investigation into allegations of misconduct by the previous administration, which had been stalled for some time.

“The focus of the investigation is the involvement of Im Jong-suk, who was the number two secretary-general of Cheongwadae at the time of the incident. The secretariats of the seven divisions of Cheong Wa Dae are also involved in the manipulation of Song’s election. Only the head of the secretary’s office or Moon himself, who was president, can give instructions.

If the prosecutors can obtain evidence to indict Mr. Ren, the situation will change drastically. The investigation will turn to the head of the secretary’s office. If further involvement is revealed, it could lead to the arrest of President Moon Jae-in,” Kim said.

Many of South Korea’s past presidents have met disastrous ends after resigning. The future does not look bright for Moon Jae-in, who is now living in the countryside.

Moon enjoying the company of his beloved dog. From Moon’s Instagram
From Moon’s Instagram
  • Photo AFP/Afro

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