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Korean Women’s Golf’s Next Generation Visual Queen Candidate is Like a Goddess

This season, Lee Ye-Won has made a full-fledged entry on the professional golf tour. She is a rising star with a string of single-digit rankings since the start of the season, and is the focus of intense attention both at home and abroad.

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Lee Ye-Won shows off her impressive play on the professional tour. She is in first place in the battle for the Korean women’s professional golf tour’s Rookie of the Year title.

With her cute smile and solid skills, a rookie is taking the Korean women’s professional golf world by storm.

Lee Ye-Won, who currently ranks 4th in the money ranking this year, is 19 years old and just graduated from high school this year. With her 163cm height and charming smile, many are already calling her the new visual queen.

She started her professional tour career this year with a tie for fifth place at the Nexen Saint Nine Masters in April, followed by a tie for sixth place at the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, a major domestic tournament. He also tied for 2nd place at the Doosan Match Play Championship in May and tied for 3rd place at the Lotte Open in June. She has quickly become one of the top professionals in the sport.

In her rookie year, she has already risen to 86th in the world rankings. Last year, she won a championship on the domestic second-division tour, and she is eager to win a title on the first division.

Kim Myung-Woo, a sportswriter and expert on women’s golf in South Korea, explains how she is doing.

The highlight of the season was the Doosan Match Play Championship, where she finished second. She defeated a number of strong players to advance to the final. The domestic media picked up on her imposing play, as if she were a rookie, and she played a flawless game of golf. Also, her 6th place finish at the KLPGA Championship, a major tournament with a difficult course setting, is also worthy of recognition.

Her greatest strength is her ability to shoot with high accuracy. This season, her driver accuracy is outstanding, ranking 6th with a fairway keeping percentage of 84.18%. She is also accurate with her irons as she ranks 11th with a par on rate of 76.78%. On the other hand, the challenge for the future is the putter. She currently ranks 24th in average putts, which is inferior to her driver and irons. She said, “If I can ensure that I can putts in on my chances, I think I will be able to win the championship.”

With her overwhelming ability, she has been selected for the Korean National Team since she was a student. At the Neighbors Trophy Team Championship, a tri-nation tournament between Japan, Korea, and Taiwan held in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1919, some of the current top women’s golf players in Japan also had a tough time in front of Lee Ye-Won.

In the Neighbors Trophy Team Championship, Lee Ye-Won won the individual competition without surrendering the lead for three days. She also contributed to Korea’s team championship. The Japanese members at that time included Yuri Yoshida (22), who is active on the regular tour, Miyu Goto (21) and Aya Ogura (21), who passed the professional test in 2021, and Tsubasa Kajitani (18), who won the “Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship” in April ’21. (18), who won the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship in April 2021, but all lost to Lee Ye-Won.

She became a hot topic in Japan when she signed a contract with the KB Financial Group, a major Korean financial services company, despite being a rookie. Last year, she also competed on the professional tour while still a high school student, and in any case, there is no shortage of topics to talk about. She is a gem in the future of women’s golf in Korea.

If she continues her success at her current level, she could be in line to win a prize money queen title in her teens. Fans can’t take their eyes off her brilliant performance in the future.

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