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Comedian Yutaka Seshita Returns to TV After Reports of Adultery

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Yutaka Seshita of “Tenjiku Nezumi” who made his return to the stage on June 21, two months after his self-imposed hiatus due to the affair, also appeared on the June 26 episode of “Wide na Show”Yutaka Seshita of the comedy duo “Tenjiku Nezumi” appeared on “Wide na Show” (Fuji Television Network) on June 26, after having refrained from performing due to reports of an affair in March and April of this year.  

Seshita had been on self-restraint since April 14, but announced his return on Twitter on June 20, about two months later. On June 21, he appeared at a live event in Tokyo featuring his peers Kamaitachi and Fujisaki Market.

The theater was originally scheduled for a certain date, so it was a good opportunity.”

Seshita said he was helped by his friends.

Seshita’s wife was not affected when the first affair was reported in March, but in the second report, however, he was reportedly violent toward the woman and showed a large bruise on her back.

Hitoshi Matsumoto, who appeared on the program, said

“Seshita is a violent man.”

He laughed in his first voice. He then went on to argue that it was against the rules for Bunshun to dig up and report something that happened 15 years ago.

The studio responded, “That was 15 years ago, around the time the Pink Ladies broke up.”

The studio members laughed even more when he quipped, “That’s even earlier.” 

The studio laughed even more. “It seems that Yoshimoto Kogyo had Mr. Seshita’s return planned out very well. If he starts his career on the stage for the first time, he can make an excuse that he did not suddenly appear on TV. Moreover, having him appear in front of Mr. Matsumoto on the “Wide na Show” is the most effective way to “purify” himself.”

“Mr. Matsumoto also teased Mr. Seshita in a loving manner to make it easier for him to work in the future. This was a good example for other comedians to follow.”

Speaking of recent reports of infidelity among comedians, Ken Watanabe of Unjash comes to mind. He was scheduled to appear on “Gaki no Tsukai Year End Special” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) upon his return.

However, Matsumoto is said to have been furious that this information was leaked, and just before Watabe’s press conference.

Just before the press conference, Matsumoto tweeted, “I dare to say before the press conference. I don’t think there will be a co-starring between me and Watabe for the time being.” (original text).

It became definite that Watabe’s scene would not be included in the show, and he could not say anything at all when asked about his appearance in “Gaki no Tsukai” at the press conference.

Of course, Watabe is not affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo. And Matsumoto still does not co-star with Watabe.

:In the case of Seiji Chihara, who belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo, he appeared on the “Wide na Show” after the affair was reported, and like Seshita, he was teased by Matsumoto and others to purify himself. Although Seiji’s character was a factor, he was able to return to TV in a normal way.”

“Of course, I don’t think Mr. Matsumoto would have invited him to “Wide na Show” by name, but I can’t help but feel that Yoshimoto’s talents are blessed. There are countless Yoshimoto-produced programs, not just in the theater, so a return to TV would be no problem at all.”

During his two-month absence, Seshita had come up with about 20 gags, which he performed on the “Wide na Show. However, Seshita said

“Today, I’d like to apologize a little bit.”

When Seshita refused to do the gag, Matsumoto said, “Well, do it.”

Seshita told Matsumoto the gag he had thought of and taught it to him. The gag was not accepted, but Seshita’s “purification” session ended in a good mood from start to finish.

Yoshimoto has many comedians in the TV industry and is deeply involved in production. Compared to other companies, Yoshimoto’s comedians are clearly blessed with more opportunities to “come back” from their scandals.

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