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The Power of Amiyu OZEKI, a Rising Star in the World of Women’s Golf

A gem of a player, Ayamiyu OZEKI, who won the top prize at last year's professional test, is enjoying a fulfilling rookie year.

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She has been playing golf since she was 7 years old and passed the professional test last November. 158cm, 50kg

In the fiercely competitive world of women’s golf in Japan, a new candidate has emerged as a heroine.

Her name is Amiyu OZEKI (19). She is a rookie who passed the pro test last year and started full-fledged participation in the professional tour this season.

In June, OZEKI finished in a tie for 8th place at the regular tour event “Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament” and the lower tour event “Jupiter Shizuoka Newspaper SBS Ladies”. This was a great start for OZEKI, but it was not only her play that caught the attention of golfers. The serious expression on her face during the match was talked about because of her resemblance to actress Fuka Koshiba (25).

Kim Myung-woo, a sportswriter who covered the “Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies” event on site, revealed the following.

At the press conference, a reporter asked her, “Have you ever been told that you look like Fuka Koshiba?” she shyly replied, “I get that a lot these days (laughs). “Hinako Shibuno (23) is also from Sakuyo High School (Okayama Prefecture). Although she and Shibuno are in different grades (five years apart), it seems that they were not particularly close, but because of this result, people around her are now expecting her to win the All-England Championships because she is Shibuno’s junior.

As an amateur, Shibuno was also selected as a member of the national team. The foundation for her success as a professional was nurtured during that time.

The secret of her popularity is not only her visual appeal. Her ability is also outstanding among her generation.

Last year, she won the Japan Women’s Amateur Golf Championship, which decides the best amateur in Japan. She also passed the professional test at the top of her class, and her ability is well documented.

She is good with the driver and her average distance is 230 to 240 yards, which is top class for a 19-year-old girl. Her putter is also very consistent. Her accuracy with the irons has been improving as well. In 6 matches on the lower tour, she ranks 10th in par-on-percentage. On the regular tour, she tied for 5th at the Resort Trust Ladies and tied for 8th at the Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies, which also led to good results.

This season, OZEKI is competing on both the regular tour and the lower tours. Her current goal is to earn points before the ranking renewal in July, and to fully participate in the regular tour in the second half of the season. The next-generation heroine candidate with cute looks and the top ability of her generation will continue her challenge.

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