A “Memorial Project for Ryubei Ueshima” is underway on “AMETALK”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A “Memorial Project for Ryubei Ueshima” is underway on “AMETALK”.

Higo and Terakado will appear on a variety show for the first time since their partner's death.

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The three members of the Ostrich Club interviewed by this magazine in ’14. They showed their signature pose of “Ya! pose.

About a month and a half has passed since Ueshima’s death. It has been about a month and a half since Ueshima’s death. It has been about a month and a half since Ueshima’s death, and many people around him have yet to come to terms with his sudden departure. The two members of the Dacho Club have also returned to radio, but they are still unsure of how to act in a variety of situations. entertainment industry insider)

Katsuhiro Higo (59) and Jimon Terakado (59) disappeared from the public eye for a month after the death of their partner, and although they appeared on a live radio program on June 17, they have yet to appear on a TV variety show. As a venue for their variety revival, “Ametalk! (TV Asahi) is planning a project called “an installment to think about the future of the Ostrich Club.

Ametalk and Ueshima-san have a deep connection. Mr. Ueshima often appeared on Ametalk and was good friends with the producer. In the past, there have been times when Tetsuro Degawa (58) and Ryuhei Ueshima, a group of comedians who adore each other, have faced off in the “Degawa Family” and the “Ryuhei Society,” and a project to celebrate Mr. Ueshima’s 60th birthday was also broadcast. The program became a topic of conversation after Ueshima’s death in May. a person related to the program).

Viewers who watched the memorial video said they wanted an hour-long special on Ryuhei Ueshima. This project was probably in response to such requests, but the program chose the theme of “thinking about the future of Ostrich Club,” rather than just a memorial program, as a consideration for Ueshima, who valued his cheerful style of comedy, and the two remaining members of the Ostrich Club.

Ueshima talks about gags in an interview with this magazine, and all three responded with a spirit of service, creating a friendly atmosphere on the set from start to finish.

In addition to Higo and Terakado, the recording is likely to include Izukawa Tetsuro and “Ryuhei Kai” members Tsuchida Teruyuki (49) and Ariyoshi Hiroyuki (48). They are also planning to welcome Rino Sashihara (29), a junior staff member at the office, as a female guest. Preparations are underway not only to cheerfully mourn Mr. Ueshima, but also to add a touch of color to the return of the two members of the Ostrich Club to television. It seems that the program will include a section where they will talk about their memories of Ueshima-san and discuss how they will continue the tricks that the three of them used to do together” ( a former entertainment industry insider).

In response to an inquiry by this magazine, TV Asahi responded, “It is true that such things will be broadcast.

After Ueshima’s death, Higo’s comment was concluded with the words, “No matter how sad things get, we all Kururimppa! with a gag of Mr. Ueshima’s. The reason why this program project was launched must be because of the sincere love for Ueshima-san and the Dacho Club among the comedians and the production team.

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