Criticism Floods in on Female Athletes for Sniping at Caddie’s “7-Year-Old Conviction” Contents | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Criticism Floods in on Female Athletes for Sniping at Caddie’s “7-Year-Old Conviction” Contents

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Junichi Oe, caddie, and Aoi Onishi, pro, during their round at Suntory Ladies on June 10. They seemed calm at the time, but ……

A disagreement over “how to attack” led to an argument.

What was the reflection of seven years ago?

On the first day of the Earth Mondamin Cup on the Japanese women’s professional golf tour (23rd), Junichi Oe, the caddie carrying Aoi Onishi’s bag, abandoned his duties and walked away during the round, an unprecedented incident.

Here is how the story goes according to those involved. On the 17th par 4 in the first half, Onishi shanked his second shot from the rough and the ball went to the red penalty area on the right side. Onishi’s caddie advised him to play “one penalty stroke” from the original spot where he had hit the second shot, but Onishi chose to play “two penalty shots,” and the two argued. Oe’s caddie, who could not stand it, raised her voice and lost her temper, and left the scene.

One wonders, however, if it is that easy to “abandon the workplace. Some say that because of their mutual emotional state, Onishi also told the caddie on the spot that he was going to be replaced. In any case, it is true that Onishi’s caddie left the course during the match, and the JLPGA’s Tournament Business Department is in the process of investigating the matter.

On the 24th, the second day of the tournament, Onishi appointed a manufacturer’s representative as his caddie. He was interviewed about the matter and said, “I can’t answer anything right now because the JLPGA (Japan Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association) is in charge of the matter right now and there are various things that are being confirmed. I’m sorry.

What is expected of caddies

This seems to be a rare occurrence in Japan, but I have heard that such incidents also occur on tours around the world.

However, it is the caddie’s position to respect the judgment of the professional. As a caddie, you should not “argue” with a player because you don’t agree with his/her decision and then leave the course in anger.

This brings back memories of an incident that occurred 15 years ago. At that time, the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association imposed penalties on Kouri Fujita and Junichi Oe, who had one win on the tour.

On the final day of the Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Pro-Am tournament, Fujita was given a “caution” and her caddie Oe was given a “suspension of duties from May 27 to June 7 (applicable to the Resort Trust Ladies and Yonex Ladies)” for violating tournament rules. In other words, a two-week suspension.

What happened at that time? A person who was on the spot at the time said, “Fujita and his caddie were arguing during the pro-am. Fujita’s side also admitted, “There seemed to be a difference of opinion, and it is certain that the two were arguing before the start.

It would be a real shame if a professional golfer and his caddie continued to argue in front of the Pro-Am participants, causing trouble for them. The tournament rules state that “caddies must observe etiquette and good manners at all times, be considerate of other players, and not say or do anything that violates good sportsmanship.

When we interviewed Caddie Oe by phone after the incident, he said, “I take the disciplinary action taken against me very seriously. It is all my responsibility to have caused this situation.” He regretted his actions. …… I wonder if he has already forgotten how he felt at that time.

We do not know what kind of punishment will be handed down in the future. First of all, it is important to clarify what kind of communication took place between the player and the caddie, so that similar mistakes will not be repeated in the future. The incident should have provided an opportunity to rethink what qualities are required of a caddie.

Professional Kouri Fujita and caddie Junichi Oe at Suntory Women’s Golf in 2015 (Photo: Jiji Press)
Aoi Onishi, a professional who qualified for the Earth Mondamin Cup while competing, replaced her caddie with Teruyuki Uno. She is languishing in 41st place, 12 shots behind the leader (Photo: Sankei Shimbun)

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