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A “Daddy of 1,000 Papa-katsu Girls” Analyzes Councilman Yoshikawa’s Level of “Papa-ness”

Since there is no explanation for the allegations, we asked an "expert" about it...

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Mr. Kikkawa has yet to hold a press conference.

“I would hate to see restrictions placed on papa activities as a result of Councilman Yoshikawa’s incident. For now, there is no particular impact on the papa-katsu market.”

Mr. A, a company executive in his 40s, says, “I have met about 1,000 women who are involved in papa-katsu.” He has met about 1,000 papa-katsu girls and has provided them with financial support.

“Papa-katsu” refers to the practice of women meeting men through specialized apps and spending time together, including meals and dates, in exchange for financial support. The practice has been in the spotlight since Takeru Yoshikawa, a member of the House of Representatives, reportedly met and drank with an 18-year-old female university student.

Most of the papa activities are said to be conducted using a special application. Men pay a monthly membership fee, provide identification, and create a profile. They then fill in their preferences (date, time, type of woman, etc.). Women must prove they are at least 18 years old, but there is no registration fee.

“The membership fee and registration process varies depending on the application. Most membership fees are several thousand yen per month, but there are some VIP apps that cost tens of thousands of yen. Some apps require you to register a credit card as proof of identity, while others even ask for proof of income. I want to meet many different types of girls, so I use several major apps with membership fees of a few thousand yen that have many female users.” (Mr. A)


The total amount spent at one time is 50,000-60,000 yen.

What kind of women did Mr. A meet?

“There are a lot of really normal college students, vocational students, and office workers, as well as women who are in trouble at work because of the Corona disaster and women in the nighttime entertainment. There seems to be an application with a lot of housewives. There are also a lot of girls who can’t work or have part-time jobs because of the pandemic, and some are trying to earn a lot of money by doing papa-katsu as a job.

For some reason, there were many students who appealed, saying things like, ‘My family had an accident and I can no longer earn money for school fees,’ or ‘I’m doing papa-katsu because I have no choice. There may have been some who were really like that, but their sentences were almost the same. I wonder if they found an example somewhere and copied and pasted it.”

So, how much money did Mr. A give?

Mr. A.: “Generally, 10,000 to 20,000 yen for a meal. If you want to go all the way to the end, plus 30,000 yen, 40,000 yen is the standard. Of course, if a woman I like very much requests 30,000 yen for a meal alone, I will pay it. If the cost of the meal is 10,000 to 20,000 yen for two people and the hotel bill is 20,000 to 40,000 yen, it will cost 50,000 to 60,000 yen per time if you end up having sex.” 

The Corona Pandemic was the biggest entertainment.

The average citizen cannot afford to pay such a ridiculous amount of money, but Mr. A, who is a business owner with a comfortable budget, insists, 

“If you are talking about meeting girls, it is far more cost-effective than going to cabarets or clubs. Before papa-katsu , I enjoyed drinking with so-called “Minato-ku girls”. Minato-ku girls are more concerned with appearances. They say things like, “I want to go to a high-class restaurant,” or “I want a good-looking guy to come over. I’m not a good-looking guy, so it’s not easy for me (laughs).”

Still, I wonder if he never got tired of meeting 1,000 papa-katsu girls.

“I enjoyed the entertainment of the Corona Pandemic, which had many restrictions, and the games between men and women. Men want to meet women of their choice as cheaply as possible. Women want to earn a lot of money as easily as possible. The game, the struggle between the two, is interesting. I don’t recommend it for men who are in love.

The guys who have a bad attitude or cheat on their profiles (they make their profile pictures look like a different person) are shared within the network of guys who help them, and the girls’ group shares information about strange guys.

When I got angry with a girl who was so rude to me once, she threatened to share with the women that I was a scumbag and expose me on the Internet. After that, when a rude girl came, I didn’t talk to her, looked for the next girl on my phone, and gave her money when I found her and sent her home.

I ended up having sex with maybe 200-300 girls. Now that I am no longer limited by the pandemic, I want to play other games. I think I’ll probably use the dating app less often in the future.”


Mr. A appreciates Mr. Yoshikawa’s “papa-ness”.

So what did Mr. A think of Senator Yoshikawa’s alleged “papa-activities”?

Mr. A. said, “Since there is no explanation from the Councilman, this is just my impression based on news reports, but the 40,000 yen that Councilman Yoshikawa allegedly paid seemed to be a realistic figure that included sexual intercourse in the context of “papa-katsu,” which is a common form of papa-katsu using common apps.

If it was me, I wouldn’t go to a high-end yakiniku restaurant, even if they let an 18 year old eat high-end meat. The women also prefer “more money than good food”. If you are going to pay for expensive food, it would just be better to increase the pay for women.

Yakiniku is fine if it’s a real date, but in papa-katsu it’s a pseudo date. Grilling is also a hassle, and having the restaurant cook for you interrupts the conversation, and frankly, it is difficult to use.

In that sense, when I heard that Councilman Yoshikawa used a high-class yakiniku restaurant, I wondered if he was a vain person, a “good papa” who spends a lot of money on supporting women at one time, or a person with a romantic disposition. Of course, it may have been a restaurant where it was difficult for people to know that he was a member of Congress. Also, not to mention, it is outrageous to allow an 18-year-old to drink alcohol.”

When will Senator Yoshikawa give an explanation?

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