K-1 Girls: Kaho Namikita: “Bright, Energetic and Flashy!” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

K-1 Girls: Kaho Namikita: “Bright, Energetic and Flashy!”

K-1 GIRLS swimsuit photo shoot (7)

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K-1 GIRLS, the round girl unit that adds color to the popular martial arts event “K-1,” has been announced for another year. The K-1 GIRLS had previously consisted of six members, but this year, for the first time, eight members have been selected, which is expected to add even more excitement to the event.

In this daily update, we will introduce each member’s enthusiasm for their debut at “K-1 WORLD GP 2022 JAPAN~RING OF VENUS~” to be held on June 25 (Sat.) at Yoyogi National Gymnasium 2nd Gymnasium!

Kaho Namikita: “I’m going to be bright, energetic, and flashy!”

I’m 18 years old and the youngest among the K-1 Girls. I recently made my debut in the entertainment industry, and this is my first job as a K-1 Girls member. So I was very nervous because it was my first time to do a real photo shoot and everything, but the other girls were very kind to me and I thought I would be able to get along with them. I would like to learn a lot about martial arts by learning from them.

Among the K-1 Girls, I am in charge of the “gyaru” (gal) girls. I will do my best to be cheerful, energetic, and flashy, so please support me!


Kaho Hagita / Born on September 2, 2003. T168B88W63H91

Twitter (@ kahhho___xx) https://twitter.com/kahhho___xx

Instagram (@ kaho____0902) https://www.instagram.com/kaho____0902/

  • Photo by Masakazu Yoshiba

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