Teruyuki Kagawa, a successful Kabuki actor, is expected to host “TBS Morning Face | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Teruyuki Kagawa, a successful Kabuki actor, is expected to host “TBS Morning Face

Entertainment reporter Toshio Ishikawa's "Behind the scenes of that event: ......"

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Teruyuki Kagawa (right) has been selected as the MC for the TBS morning show. He is a cousin of the contemporary Ichikawa Ennosuke (left).

Entertainment Reporter Toshio Ishikawa’s “Behind the Scenes of That Event: ……

TBS’s morning news program, “THE TIME,” will finally start on October 1. It will start as a replacement for “Asachan,” the program that Mitsuhisa Natsume was in charge of when she took a break due to her marriage. which was handled by Miku Natsume, who is taking a break due to marriage. This is a major program for the station in the fall.

TBS’s ace analyst Shinichiro Azumi will be the MC for Monday through Thursday, and Teruyuki Kagawa will be in charge on Friday. The station, which has been struggling with low viewership ratings until now, has made a last-ditch attempt to enter the “morning news war.

Posters have been put up all over the station, and two members of the comedy duo Bakusho Mondai have been known to say

“When I got on the elevator, I saw Azumi and Kagawa on the inside of the door.

“What’s with ‘THE TIME,’ you idiots? “What’s with the ‘THE TIME,’ you idiot? Too many posters all over the place.

“We’ve never seen anything like that either. We’ve never seen anything like that before.

I’ve never seen anything like that before.” There is so much enthusiasm within the station that one feels like saying, “We’re going to bet the company’s fortune on this. In such a situation, some people seem to be worried about Kagawa’s first time as an MC, but I am not worried at all.

I’m not worried at all, because he’s a genius and a hard worker in the entertainment industry who can make anything top-notch.

When I think about it, I remember when Mr. Kagawa told his father, Ennosuke Ichikawa, “I want to be a Kabuki actor.

“I want to be a kabuki actor.

I want to be a Kabuki actor. However, Mr. Ennosuke stubbornly refused to accept a meeting with him. He said to him

He said to her, “He’s your child, why don’t you want to see him? You should listen to him.

It was the actress Murasaki Fujima who admonished him. Although Ms. Fujima had stolen Mr. Ennosuke away from Kagawa’s mother, actress Watako Hamaki, by having an affair with him, she must have been concerned about him for a long time. His words led to the encounter between Mr. Kagawa and Mr. Ennosuke.

His feelings were recognized and he also became a kabuki actor under the name “Ichikawa Nakaguruma. Even then, there was a lot of talk among the nashien.

“Some people in the kabuki world said, “A kabuki actor who is not born in the kabuki world, who is not familiar with it from an early age, and who does not have it ingrained in his body, cannot grow up.

(Kabuki insider). Nevertheless, he was able to overcome this difficulty with the acting skills he had developed.

Nowadays, there is no one in the Rienen who says that Ichikawa Nakaguruma is not a Kabuki actor. That’s how much acting ability and effort he has in his body to completely take care of the work he is given.

That’s why even Mr. Kagawa, who has no experience as an announcer, will be able to deliver the news more accurately and like an announcer than a station announcer. And she can do it in her own words.

I also believe that she will be able to wrestle with as much dignity as Anna Azumi. The charm of the two of them may be able to significantly raise TBS’s stagnant morning ratings. Now we just have to see if the staff can come up with a plan that suits them.

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    Born in Tokyo in 1946. Born in Tokyo in 1946, he has a unique career path, having worked in the advertising department of Shochiku, as a reporter for women's magazines, and then as an entertainment reporter. He is currently a regular contributor to "Mentai Wide" (Fukuoka Broadcasting System), "Sumadan" (Yomiuri Television), and Rainbow Town FM.

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