Gaassy Higashitani Declares War Again on Tsuyoshi Ayano, Will KingGnu be Next to be Hit? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gaassy Higashitani Declares War Again on Tsuyoshi Ayano, Will KingGnu be Next to be Hit?

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Yoshikazu Higashitani of “gaasyy-ch” relentlessly attacks Tsuyoshi Ayano and his office (from his YouTube channel).

“Can you apologize if I put a bullet in your head, Tsuyoshi?”

Exposed YouTube personality Yoshikazu Azumaya Yoshikazu, a.k.a. “gaasyy-ch,” has deepened his confrontation with Tsuyoshi Ayano, and has declared war on him once again.

In the past, Mr. Higashitani had thoroughly attacked Ayano, including having an idol who was underage at the time of the affair appear on YouTube to testify against him. When Ayano did not hold a press conference to apologize, Higashitani began exposing his surroundings, and finally brought to light the female troubles of Hiro, the third son of Shinichi Mori and Masako Mori and vocalist of the rock band “MY FIRST STORY,” and “exposed” him to the public.

Mataichiro Yamamoto, president of Ayano’s agency, TriStone Entertainment, said he trusts Ayano’s claims and has not responded with an “apology” as requested by Higashitani. He also announced on his website that he would take appropriate legal proceedings against the factually incorrect postings on the Internet.

Although he did not explicitly state Higashitani’s name, it is likely that he was wary of exposure on YouTube and elsewhere.

Ayano is scheduled to appear in the Sunday drama “Old Rookie” (TBS) starting at the end of June. However, Higashitani seems to be angered by Ayano’s blameless situation.

Gaasyy-ch has complained bitterly both to Suntory, his sponsor, and to the J-League, which is cooperating fully in the filming. In the case of Keisuke Koide, who was reportedly involved in underage lewd acts in the past, the drama was put on hold just before it was to air, so it seems that Gaasyy-ch has not yet given up on crushing the drama.

“Since the drama was cranked in late May, if it is now cancelled, the amount of compensation will be substantial. If Ayano does not hold an apology press conference at this point, he has declared that he will make Kei Tanaka and others from the same agency suffer as well” (source from a TV station).

(A TV station official) Furthermore, on the 20th, the official TBS Twitter page quoted a post on the theme song of “Old Rookie” by King Gnu.

The only friends you have left are these guys? Can you apologize if I hit you here?

The post read, “Can you apologize if you let us get hit here?” If King Gnu, a very popular artist, were to be bombarded, neither the fans nor TBS would be happy.

Even if  Ayano’s office were to sue, it would be difficult for Gaasyy-ch to fight for defamation or damages, since he lives in Dubai. Gaasyy-ch was also concerned that since Mr. Takashi Tachibana of the NHK party is in the country, he could be sued.

Tachibana also joined Gaasyy-ch in exposing the situation. He said, “I wish Mr. Tachibana would come to Dubai,” but it is not realistic for the leader of a political party to move out of the country” (sports newspaper reporter).

The other day, when Ayano appeared at a commercial presentation, her drastically reduced weight became a topic of conversation. What will be the outcome of this “all-out war”?

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