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Shiori Sato’s Irresistible Charm Won the Hearts of Everyone Around her According to Ariyoshi

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Shiori Sato on location

Just being here is good enough for me.

This is what comedian Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, MC of “Ariyoshi’s Wall” (NTV), has said about Shiori Sato, who is now an indispensable presence on the show.

She has been working on “Ariyoshi’s Wall” for seven years, “Hirunandes!” (NTV) and “King’s Brunch!” (TBS) for five years and with (NTV) for nearly nine years.

(NTV), where she has been a regular for nearly nine years.

(Nippon Television Network Corporation), where she has been a regular for nearly nine years.

When she first started appearing as an assistant on “100 Million People,” Sato just laughed next to George Tokoro, the MC, and the staff asked, “Why is she like that?” When she first started there were many critical comments. However, her popularity and name recognition were quickly boosted by the show’s popular corner, “Hashigo-no-tabi till morning.”

The old men and women viewers were completely won over by Sato’s carefree attitude as she drank with a drunken elderly man until morning and laughed at his crude jokes.

In the same program, Tokoro paid the biggest compliment to Sato’s charm: “You are so pure that you say things like ‘thanks to this show,’ but that’s just a kicker; it’s all thanks to you. It has nothing to do with the producer, the director, or me. It’s all about your charm!”

That does not mean that she has won the hearts of the big veterans just by being pure and natural.

Sato’s popularity seems to be high not only among her co-stars but also among the staff.

She brings a notebook with her to the scene with notes written down in advance on what she needs to do that day, when to speak, how to resolve problems, etc., so that she can deal with various situations. To fill up that notebook, she always visits the location site in advance and imagines the actual performance .

It is no wonder that she is well-liked not only by the MCs but also by his co-stars and staff.

Aina Pu of the comedy duo “Par Par,” who filled in for Sato on “Ariyoshi’s Wall,” where she recently took a leave of absence due to health problems, said, “Ariyoshi-san, please give me a feedback”

Ariyoshi, please give me a feedback!

Ainapu, a member of the comedy duo “Par Par,” who took Sato’s place in “Ariyoshi’s Wall,” was puzzled from start to finish, as she did not know when to say the standard line, “Ariyoshi-san, please be the judge!”

This magazine was able to catch a glimpse of Sato when we saw her on location for “Hirunandesu” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) in February this year. In addition to Sato, two members of the comedy duo “Chocolate Planet” and Takanori Nishikawa were on location in Asakusa.

Among the three small men, Sato, who is a head taller than the others, stands out from a distance. This may not be the reason, but Sato was always approached by passersby.

The performers are always surrounded by staff, but Shiori turns to her right, smiles, and nods her head left and right for the passerby to see.

During the filming, when she was not in the shot, she was very attentive to her surroundings, bowing to onlookers as they approached and showing both palms of her hands in a gesture of warning. When she is so attentive, not only the co-stars but also the staff members “LOVE Shiori-chan” (laughs).

(Laughs). Sato’s “ability to be loved” has been cultivated through her efforts.

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