Suspect for Fraud Rinko Sato Tagged as “Cute” on her Photo by Netizens | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suspect for Fraud Rinko Sato Tagged as “Cute” on her Photo by Netizens

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Suspect Sato being transferred

I won’t talk about the case because my lawyer told me not to.

On June 21, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department re-arrested Sato on suspicion of fraud.

Ten people have been arrested so far, including Daiki Matsue, 31, who is believed to be the leader of a case in which an employee of the National Tax Agency was arrested for swindling people out of their sustaining benefits and who had returned from Dubai. When the video of her arrest was broadcast in the media, it became viral on the Internet, as she was viewed to be cute by the netizens. Now Sato has been arrested again on suspicion of cheating a 19-year-old boy out of 1 million yen in benefits by falsely claiming to be a sole proprietor.

Sato was originally from Niigata and worked for a real estate company in Tokyo. There are reports that she was temporarily in a relationship with a core member of the group and was living together in a luxury apartment in Minato Ward. The reporter continued, “One of the core members of the group is a fraud.”

Some of the core members of the group were leading luxurious lives with the money they had swindled. It is possible that Sato became involved in the benefit fraud as she became acquainted with them. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the possibility that this group was involved in the fraudulent receipt of more than 200 million yen.”

It would be an outrageous story if they were living a luxurious life by cheating taxpayers while many people were suffering from the Corona disaster. The full details of the case are still unknown.

Sato, who worked for a real estate company
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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