Yukina Kinoshita Bragging About her “Treasures” to Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita Bragging About her “Treasures” to Fans!

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More treasures ♡

Yukina Kinoshita has been creating a buzz by revealing her “treasures” on her Instagram account. What in the world is this?!

The first time I saw the video, I was like, “I’m so glad my daughter got her turn to make me a bracelet. It has her initials on it, so she has more treasures ♡ or rather protections” (from Kinoshita’s Instagram).

There are always moments of learning and enlightenment in life. Yukina Kinoshita continues to make posts that remind us of this.

Kinoshita revealed a bracelet made by her second daughter. It is made of transparent heart- and flower-shaped beads and is very cool. It is perfect for the coming summer. It seems to have her initials on it, and is a work filled with love for Kinoshita, as a mother. It is understandable that Kinoshita was thrilled by this. It also made her fans feel happy.

“The second daughter’s bracelet-making hobby may turn into a career,” said one fan.

Kinoshita often shows her good relationship with Hidetoshi Nakata of Omiya Ardija J2 team on her Instagram, with whom she is currently in a relationship with. The family’s closeness is well documented, but now that she has a new “good luck charm,” she is sure to be even more successful.!

  • Photo Takayuki Ogawauchi

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