Is Yukina Kinoshita’s “Yukina Park” Explanation an Attempt to Overshadow her 300 Million Yen Law Suit? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is Yukina Kinoshita’s “Yukina Park” Explanation an Attempt to Overshadow her 300 Million Yen Law Suit?

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Yukina Kinoshita denied a rumor about her from the past on her YouTube channel.

It was a sudden confession. On June 15, You-Tuber Yukina Kinoshita released a video on her YouTube channel entitled “I will talk about ‘Yukina Park’ [Yukina’s confession].” For the first time, she mentioned the rumor that her real name is  “Yukina Park,” which has been spreading for many years.

As it turns out, this is a hoax, Kinoshita said

I am Yukina Kinoshita, a native born and raised in downtown Tokyo!

and showed her passport proving her Japanese citizenship. The reason for the misunderstanding was that before making her debut in the entertainment industry, Kinoshita worked as a clerk for the MOUSSY brand at 109 in Shibuya, Tokyo. When she was writing her own name for a magazine interview, she wrote

When she was writing her name for a magazine interview, she wrote “Yukina Kinoshita” in a very careless way. Then, due to poor of my handwriting, it was read as ‘Park Yukina.’

The reason for this is because my handwriting was poor, she said.

In the video, Kinoshita expressed her anger because she wanted to voice her disagreement with the despicable attitude of some netizens toward Korea.

“People often say, ‘Why do you deny it? I have Korean girlfriends, I love Korean dramas, and I’m into BTS. It’s so rude to deny that you’re a Korean! You’re making fun of us! I don’t get it.”

Kinoshita’s rebuttal was quite honest. Her argument was met with a lot of comments.

I can sympathize.
I’ve become a fan at once.

I can sympathize, “I’ve become a fan now,” and so on.

In the video, Kinoshita also hints at her “lovey-dovey” relationship with Hidetoshi Nakata, a midfielder at Omiya J2 club, with whom she is dating. They go to support Omiya Ardija every week, and sings Omiya’s song. Kinoshita said

I love it. It’s great, isn’t it? Go Omiya!

Despite the fact that she made such an angry reference to something that has been talked about for a long time in the past, it didn’t get that much attention. It was obvious that she wanted this to be viral.

Her YouTube channel received 4.8 million views for the first shot in October last year, and 2.1 million views for the second shot in November of the same year, but after that, it took a downturn. Recently, it has been hovering around tens of thousands to 150,000 views. The number of views of the latest video, which has 370,000 views (as of October 21), is far short of 1 million, which must be a shock to them.

(Sports newspaper reporter) “There is a possibility that Kinoshita’s unique personality, which has continued since her days as a TV personality, is having an impact on the number of views.”

It is a fact that many people are uncomfortable with her being talkative and her Yankee-like manner that has remained unchanged since her days as a TV personality. However, it is her unique personality. If she stop doing it, there is a risk that her supporters will leave her.” (reporter for a sports newspaper)

Although the “tapioca trial” ended last October, the “beauty face mask trial” is still pending. At the time of the tapioca scandal in 2017, Kinoshita was the image model of a beauty face mask.

In April of last year, Kinoshita and her agency at the time were sued by the cosmetics manufacturer for a huge amount of compensation of approximately 300 million yen, claiming that the product’s image had been tarnished by the scandal.

One year has passed since the lawsuit was filed, but the plaintiff and the defendant are in full-scale dispute, and the timing of the verdict is still unknown. If an order for compensation were to be issued, Kinoshita will surely suffer a lot.

Kinoshita continues to struggle on YouTube. However, according to an IT journalist, she has her own way out.

She has released two smash hits in the past, one in a sexy negligee and the other in a comical short video in a revealing outfit, both of which have received over 200,000 views. What this may mean is that Kinoshita shouldn’t talk for too long. It is not so difficult to make a short video that is a little sexy, and it is not necessary to talk for a long time. If she continues to upload videos along these lines, her fan base will gradually expand, even if the number of views does not explode.

With YouTube still sluggish, it looks like Kinoshita needs a lot of patience before she can see any progress.

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