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Super Popular Personalities Aina Ashida and Shizuka Kudo’s Surprising Reasons for their Lack of Exposure

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During a break from a brand-name photo shoot. Shizuka Kudo was sitting on a bench talking to Koki, photographed in November 2020.

Recently, two girls who have producers and directors at TV stations seething are Aina Ashida (17) and Shizuka Kudo (52). Their names come up at every casting meeting for information variety shows and dramas, but are ultimately turned down because of their schedules.

Both of them are well-liked by viewers and popular with sponsors. If they appear on TV, there is no doubt that their ratings will increase. It has become a common sense in the TV industry that if the two are willing to appear, they are willing to pay any fee, even in these days of tight production costs.

Why do Ashida and Kudo enjoy such great support from TV people? One thing they have in common is that they have little TV exposure. They are highly prized. There are different reasons behind this. Let’s start with Ashida.

She is so popular and well known, but she has only one regular program, “Sandwich Man and Ashida Mana’s Doctor-chan” (TV Asahi). The ratings have been good, and in the same slot, “Aha! Minna no Zoo” (NTV), in which Masaki Aiba of “Arashi” serves as MC, is competing for the top spot.

Why commercials are the main battleground

Why has Ashida’s familiarity and name recognition not declined despite the fact that she has only one regular TV program?

“Ashida’s main field of activity is commercials,” says Mr. Kurokawa, “although she took time out of her busy schedule this year to star in the movie ‘Metamorphose no Enkawa.’ Currently, he has appeared in commercials for a total of 15 companies, including Softbank, Yamazaki Baking, and  Sanyo Homes. It is an efficient way to work.”

The main reason for Ashida’s efficient entertainment activities is that she prioritizes her schoolwork. Ashida is currently in her third year of high school and is studying for entrance exams for college.

Ashida attends a high school affiliated with a famous university in Tokyo. She is currently in her third year. She has excellent grades and is sure to go on to an affiliated university. In Ashida’s case, the situation is somewhat different. It is said that Ashida is aiming for the quota of internal advancement to the medical school, which only 3 to 5 students in the whole school year are allowed to enter.

In May of this year, a certain online information about Ashida caused a stir among TV people.

It is information about an unofficial offer of admission to a medical school. If true, she may have to suspend her entertainment activities for at least six years. Medical schools at affiliated universities are very difficult to get into, and it would be very difficult for them to keep busy with their academic work while they are still active as a TV personality. Besides, if she gets an internal admission slot, she will not be able to do poorly. If Ashida were to enter medical school internally, it is highly likely that she would concentrate on her studies.

However, it turns out that the information about Ashida’s medical school offer is most likely fake news: as of May, no offers for medical school have been made.

Based on Ashida’s grades over the past three years, we will confirm her decision at the final interview, and as of May, it will not be decided.

Amidst all the mixed information, there was one piece of news that made the TV crews rejoice.

Ashida is definitely considering medical school as one of her major options,” said a source at a university Ashida attends. However, it is not only internal admission, but also other universities are said to be an option. Of course, it depends on which university she attends for medical school, but if it is less busy than Ashida’s affiliated university, she may be able to continue her performing career.

If you are going to another university through the general entrance examination instead of going internally, you don’t have to think so much about your grades. If she is going to perform, she may need permission from the university side, but even so, she is likely to be approved considering her good reputation.

Meanwhile, Kudo’s popularity has its own reasons.

The biggest reason is his great ability as a producer. The wife of popular actor Takuya Kimura, she is also the producer of two daughters, Cocomi (20) and Koki, (19), who debuted with her. She is the wife of the popular actor Takuya Kimura, and she has brought her two daughters, Cocomi (20) and Koki, (19), to debut and raised them to be first-rate celebrities. The fact that she is a “mamatare” (mother-talent) is probably one of the reasons why women are so interested in her.

However, Kudo generally does not appear on variety shows. She does not even have a regular TV show. Currently, I’m working as a producer. When she does get exposure, it will be in conjunction with some kind of campaign.

Kudo is said to be receiving offers from entertainment production companies to train talents.

Kudo, who himself created an era as an artist, has produced a number of talents and idols that are sure to attract a great deal of attention. In the entertainment world, there are calls for a ‘post-Akimoto Yasushi’ (broadcaster).

It seems that the eyes of TV people on Ashida and Kudo will become more and more intense.

  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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