Comedian Tsutsumishita, A Car Enthusiast With 4 Car Accident in 5 Years Received Now in House Arrest! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Comedian Tsutsumishita, A Car Enthusiast With 4 Car Accident in 5 Years Received Now in House Arrest!

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On June 14, Atsushi Tsutsumishita (44) of the comedy duo Impulse was found to have been involved in two traffic accidents in one day. In response, his agency Yoshimoto Kogyo announced on June 17 that Tsutsumishita would refrain from activities. However, this is not the first time that Tsutsumishita has caused such accidents.

Twice in 2017, Tsutsumishita was forced to refrain from activities after similar accidents. In the November 17, 20017 issue of “FRIDAY,” we reported on the accident and his “runaway legend.” Previous news available below.

Tsutsumishita attended a press conference when he had his accident in 2017. He tearfully expressed his remorse.

“Hey! I’m free at the end of the year! To everyone concerned. Please give me a job!”

The “self-deprecating joke” he posted on Twitter the day before the accident is now seen only as a laughable joke.

On October 27, 20017, a passenger car driven by Atsushi Tsutsumishita (40) of the comedy duo Impulse rear-ended a garbage truck in Yokohama City, injuring a worker in the truck. In June 20017, Tsutsumishita had just caused another traffic accident after taking sleeping pills and allergy medicine after taking a bath at his favorite super public bath in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.

In June accident, he drove his car in a daze and crashed into an electric pole. Despite this, he did not report the accident to the office and even tried to hide it. Since then, his work has decreased dramatically, and he should have learned his lesson.

In early September, after just serving his sentence on June accident, Tsutsumishita got into another one. This time, no doubt, he has even been injured. He is nodding his head and saying, ‘It’s all my fault,’ but no matter what he says, it will come back to haunt him. Even within the company, anyone is defending Tsutsumishita at all.

In fact, this magazine examined the site of the accident on Route 1 in Yokohama City. The scene was a wide thoroughfare with a clear line of sight. Moreover, the weather was clear on the day of the accident, so visibility must have been good. To cause a traffic accident in this situation can only be described as a distraction.

In fact, Tsutsumishita is one of the most passionate vehicle enthusiasts in the entertainment industry. Three months after his first accident, he uploaded a photo of himself in a Mazda Roadster sports car on Instagram.

I’m going to ride in a convertible on the shooting now! My dream convertible!

I’m going to ride in a convertible on the shooting!

In addition to passenger cars, he has ridden several motorcycles, and his current favorite is a Harley-Davidson “XL1200CA” Limited Edition (priced at 1.5 million yen!). He also has ridden several other passenger cars.

Tsutsumishita was so addicted to motorcycle that he customized his own. He is a member of the RG Touring Club, a motorcycle team led by Razor Ramon RG (43), together with Yuji Ayabe (39) of Peace and Yusuke Inoue (37) of NON STYLE, who had a hit-and-run accident in December 2004. He is also a motorcycle friend of Yoshimi Tokui (42) of “Tutorial” fame, and even after his accident in June, he was proudly saying at a drinking party, “I went touring with the others the other day.”

One would think that a vehicle enthusiast of that caliber would be an accomplished driver, but this is not the case. His “legend of reckless driving” was a well-known story among comedians.

Anyway, he is a rough driver. When he is overtaken, whether on a bicycle or a motorcycle, he licks his tongue and gets angry and speeds up. There were many times when I was riding with him and I felt that those around me were on edge. And that’s not all. Whenever something else comes into view while I am driving, I immediately look away. This accident must also have been caused by his complete inattention to the road”, said a former acquaintance said.

Following the accident, his agency announced that Tsutsumishita’s entertainment activities would be suspended and that he would be placed under house arrest for the time being. Having made two mistakes in just four months, it is likely that the public will be critical on him.

The intersection in Yokohama where the accident took place in 2017. The gentle downhill slope allows the driver to see beyond the traffic light.
In October 2016, he uploaded a photo of his Harley and boasted about his customization, saying, “I changed the position of the blinker.” From his Instagram
  • PHOTO Kyodo News (press conference), Takero Yuzoku (accident site)

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