Hikaru Aoyama shows her ardent love for video games, saying, “Of course, I have been playing Pokemon since the first generation. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hikaru Aoyama shows her ardent love for video games, saying, “Of course, I have been playing Pokemon since the first generation.

Hikaru Aoyama, who celebrated her 29th birthday on June 13 and entered her last year of her 20s, exerts an overwhelming presence in the gravure scene with her I-cup breasts.

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Hikaru Aoyama (Photo by Hiroyuki Sato / From the June 10, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY”)Hikaru Aoyama says, “I think I am good at gravure shoots with a fixed concept that tells a story. If there is a theme, it is easier to get an idea of the kind of expression I should use.”

For the first time in four years, Hikaru Aoyama (29) took on the challenge of doing her first solo shoot for FRIDAY (June 10, 2022 issue), which is now on sale. The large 9-page volume, which includes a booklet, shows off her rich expressive power and her stunning body visuals.

Twenty unpublished cuts and 15 minutes of movie are available on “FRIDAY Subscription” (pay site).

Aoyama is a front runner in the gravure scene with a slender body and powerful I-cup breasts. On the other hand, she is also known among her fans for her hobby of playing video games, which she is quite “hardcore” about.

We spoke with her about her life as a celebrity, where she has turned her love of gaming into a career.


Gaming has been a part of her life ever since she can remember.

Aoyama has been at the forefront of the gravure world since her debut in 2013, and on June 13, she celebrated her 29th birthday. She is now entering her last year of her 20s.

She says, “Of course I love doing gravure shoots, but lately I’ve been working with the sole intention of wanting to do all sorts of things. Among them, I have always really liked playing video games.

Aoyama is the vice president of the “Zeroichi Game Club,” formed with other talents from her agency Zeroichi Familia. She is actively involved in YouTube game streaming and hosts her own game tournaments.

“I think I’ve been playing games ever since I can remember. The first video game console I ever bought for myself was the Game Boy Color (released in 1998). But I also remember playing older titles, such as “Super Mario Land” (released in 1989) on Game Boy, perhaps because my older brother had one. Such was my brother’s addiction to “Densha de GO!” (released in 1997 ), and now he works for a railroad company and is a conductor.”

From “FRIDAY Subscription” (Photo by Hiroyuki Sato)From past masterpieces to new releases and nostalgic game consoles, Aoyama talked about her own gaming history, mixing various terms without hesitation.


“I’ve been playing Pokemon since the first generation (released in 1996), of course. I’ve played Red and the “Pika version” (Pikachu version, released in 1998 to coincide with the release of the animated film). There are many other games that I have played, but I have completed many rounds of the “Wonder Swan” Digimon game. You have to hit the A button a lot in battle, so I had to scrub the button with my fingernails like crazy ( laughs). I feel like I was really doing it all the time.

I like action RPGs as a genre, so I have a special attachment to the “Tales” series, but it wasn’t until I joined the ZEROICHI Game Department that I really got into FPS (First Person Shooter) games, so my work has broadened my gaming horizons even more.”


Towards the 10th anniversary of her debut

It seems that her enthusiasm for games has not only not changed, but has only increased.

“I think I pay a lot of money for Pokéka (Pokémon cards) and Digica (Digimon cards) now. I always buy a box of Pokémon cards when a new series comes out, and sometimes I buy as many as 10 boxes. When I get a rare or super rare card, I file it neatly and save it.”

When we asked her about her Pokéka history, we learned that she has participated in the Champions League, a large-scale official tournament held in major cities across Japan.


“I think it was about three years ago. I’ve competed in the Nagoya and Tokyo tournaments once each. The one in Nagoya was an official tournament called the City League, held by a rather large card store.

I had the experience of winning against the champion of the City League. I was lucky because I brought a deck that stuck with him. After that, I lost. These days, I play against him less and less. Sometimes, when I play with Nashiko (Nashiko Momotsuki, who belongs to the same group), we might put together a deck, or something like that.”

From “FRIDAY Subscription” (photo by Hiroyuki Sato)When she starts talking, it’s nonstop. Aoyama’s seriousness about games can be seen in the technical terms she uses one after another.

Aoyama’s seriousness about games is evident in the way she talks nonstop, jargon after jargon. “It would be great if we could increase the number of tie-ups with manufacturers. Personally, I hope to make my favorite game, digica, even more popular than it is now.”


This year marks Aoyama’s 10th year in show business.

“I want to accomplish a variety of things without focusing on just one thing. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have been given to do gravure, games, and even appearances in variety shows. I hope to do something big and memorable in the future, as I have 10 more years to go.”



Hikaru Aoyama

Height 154 cm, B95 W59 H90

Born on June 13, 1993 in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

She is the vice president of the “Zeroichi Game Club” of her entertainment agency, Zeroichi Familia, and is active in a variety of activities, such as live streaming and event appearances.

She appears in the currently airing variety program, “Zeroichi Familia Wants to be Praised” (MBS).

Also check out the program’s official YouTube page, “Zeroichi TV”.

Twitter (@hikaru06kon)
Instagram (@hikaru0613kon)

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From “FRIDAY Subscription” (Photo by Hiroyuki Sato)
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