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Fans are Awed by Anne Shin Hye’s Sexy White See-through Top!

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Korean professional golf player Anne Shin-hye, nicknamed the “Sexy Queen,” has been attracting attention for her “too bold see-through shirt. The comments were flooded with praise, such as “goddess,” “very beautiful,” and “beautiful.

The photo was taken on the terrace of a café. She is wearing a white see-through shirt and thick beige pants, and her red bag and sandals are very wild. Her emerald pedicure is very cute and impressive.

She is probably just getting her energy back in the U.S. (From her Instagram)

Anne posted a total of 10 photos at once, showing her relaxing at a cafe in what appears to be a hotel room. She also introduced a gorgeous painting on the ceiling, and seemed to be enjoying her stay in the U.S. to the fullest. In all the photos, Anne looks vibrant and her smile is as dazzling at the California sunshine!

Anne actually visited the U.S. in April as well. On Instagram, she was seen playing golf at the prestigious “Fallen Oak Golf Club” in Mississippi. She also watched the final of the overseas men’s major “Masters” which was held at “Augusta National Golf Club” in Georgia from April 7 to 10.

Will there be any special reason why she went to the U.S. again in June? This time, she uploaded a photo of herself playing golf at the Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Coast, California, on her Instagram.

Fans hope that she will make a big wave again this year after she get her energy back with her U.S. vacation!

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