8 Year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted in the Park by a 20 Year Old College Student of Keio University | FRIDAY DIGITAL

8 Year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted in the Park by a 20 Year Old College Student of Keio University

Sexual assault of children is difficult to be recognized because of the young age of the victims. A student at a famous private university targeted an elementary school student whom he had never met before.

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The young girl was targeted by a student at a prestigious private university.

On June 16, Chiba Nishi police arrested Ryusuke Koda, 20, a third-year student in the economics department of Keio University, on suspicion of indecent assault of an 8-year-old girl attending an elementary school. On April 14, Koda is suspected of causing minor injuries to an 8-year-old girl at a park in Chiba City by removing her clothes and touching her body.

The victimized girl was playing at the park after school when she was approached by the suspect. Later, the parents of the female student reported to the police that their daughter had been touched by an unknown man, and the incident was discovered. An investigation of security cameras in the area led to his arrest. The suspect, Koda, has admitted to the charges.

Since the two men did not know each other, the motive for the crime is under investigation. This is a very immature case involving a student at a prestigious university, but the maliciousness of targeting elementary school students who are more than one year apart in age is high. Mr. Shuji Suzuki, a lawyer who is well versed in children’s issues, commented on the case.

He explains, “Crimes against children are difficult to be exposed in the first place. Victims are too immature to be aware that they have been subjected to a criminal act. It is said that the number of crimes against children is about 1,000 a year, but the actual number is three times that number. In other words, it is difficult to be caught. The child victim this time was as young as 8 years old, but if he had chosen his targets with that in mind, it would be extremely malicious.”

How will the investigation progress in the future? Mr. Suzuki continued.

Since it is difficult to obtain testimony from an 8-year-old victim, the investigation will basically focus on the testimony of the suspect, Koda. Normally, it is difficult to obtain an evidence of execution for indecent assault because it is a highly malicious crime, but since the case is based on the suspect’s testimony, it will be difficult to obtain evidence against the suspect. In light of this, if this is a first offense, I think a sentence of 2-3 years in prison and 4-5 years of probation would be appropriate. I believe he will be released in a few months.”

Keio University announced on March 16, the day of the arrest, “This is extremely regrettable. The university will confirm the facts and deal with the matter strictly. In order to prevent new victims, strict action is required to prevent a recurrence.”

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