Why former Takarazuka star Hiroki Nanami’s “Stylish Gymnastics” is too cool! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why former Takarazuka star Hiroki Nanami’s “Stylish Gymnastics” is too cool!

A "stylish" interview with a former Takarazuka Revue member!

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The video “Stylish Gymnastics,” in which a handsome man in a jersey demonstrates the original gymnastics on the rooftop of a building in the coolest way possible, has become a big hit for Corona Disaster.

Hiroki Nanami, a former member of the Takarazuka Revue, is ‘stylish’. I was in agony when I saw “Stylish Gymnastics,” which sweetly whispers, “You’re cute again today…” I tried to get a closer look at her coolness.

“It is said that this work is a condensed version of Hiroki Nanami. Last year, I spent a lot of time at home and I didn’t have a chance to meet my fans directly. I wanted to send out something that would make everyone laugh with energy. I wanted to send out something that would make people laugh and cheer up, and something that would help them get rid of their lack of exercise.

Nanami is a former member of the Takarazuka Revue. She is a former member of the Takarazuka Revue and has been active as an artist since leaving the troupe.

This explosively popular “Stylish Gymnastics” has beautiful poses that show a sense of beauty right down to the tips of the fingers, and the sweet voice that calls out to the audience…it makes me swoon.

It has been two years since she left the Takarazuka Revue. With “Stylish Gymnastics,” she seems to have turned a new leaf.

Every movement of the gymnastics is “cool”.

“Come on, everyone, let’s try Stylish Gymnastics together.”

“Let’s start with a pose to raise your spirits… Deep breaths, embrace yourself…”

“Beautiful as rose petals in flight” “So cute today” “Adieu!”

In addition, the choreography for the exercises included a series of gestures such as “turn your head, wall banging,” “chin kissing,” and “you dropped your handkerchief,” and “pick it up for me” (bending exercise!). and many more. It’s all very entertaining, with a lot of handsome guys bursting out while moving their bodies. Every movement of the gymnastics is aimed to be “cool”.

“At first I almost laughed, but then I got addicted and played it over and over again.

“I was impressed by Nanami’s serious and cool gymnastics.

“Watching the video and doing the exercises together was really relaxing while I was working remotely.

The video has spread through word-of-mouth on SNS and has been viewed 200,000 times. The number of views has reached 200,000. “If I’m going to make something, I want it to be good,” she said, and asked Sho Kazama, a choreographer who was also a member of the Takarazuka troupe, to choreograph it.

“When I realized it, it turned out to be very authentic (laughs). (laughs) “I also added a lot of stylish ideas for shouting and lines, saying, ‘If Nanami does it, it will look cool even when she’s wiping sweat off her face.

The resulting video has been well received by people other than Zuka fans.

The resulting video was well received by people other than Zuka fans, “People who had never heard of me before saw it. I got a lot of responses from men as well. I’m glad that people can enjoy laughing at my work. I’m happy.

“The misconception that “it’s cool to be plain.

“I used to be so focused on myself that I couldn’t see what was going on around me.

“I used to be too busy with myself to see what was going on around me. When she was a member of Takarazuka Revue, there was a time when she was a little less friendly to her fans than she is now.

“For about 10 years after I joined Takarazuka, I was so busy with daily rehearsals of singing, acting and dancing that I was occupied only with myself. I’m not very good with my hands. Besides, there was a time when I thought it was cool for male actors to be indifferent to their fans. At that time, when I received letters, I would deliberately make it seem like I was being indifferent. I was convinced that it was cooler that way.


“But when I hit a wall in my big role. When I was struggling, my fans supported me. From that point on, my definition of “cool” changed dramatically. After that, I started to look my fans directly in the eyes and say ‘thank you’ when they handed me letters. After the experience of being saved from a difficult time by my fans, I began to feel gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Stage performances, photo books, and voice acting

“It’s been two years since I left Takarazuka, and while I was there, I did all my own makeup and costumes. When I was in Takarazuka, I did all my own make-up and costumes, so my self-producing ability was being tested. Now, I’m not alone and all the staff are by my side. I feel like I have more friends who will walk with me as I create “Hiroki Nanami” together. I feel like I have more strength.

A photo book from a women’s magazine is scheduled to be published this fall.

“For fashion magazines, I am surprised by the freshness of the costumes that the editors and stylists suggest, saying, ‘We think it would look good on you, Nanami. It’s fun.

Recently, the scope of her work has expanded to include narration and voice acting for anime.

“Voice work is very deep. You can’t express yourself with your looks or gestures, so you have to act out the character and emotions with just your voice. In particular, I am keenly aware that voice acting requires instantaneous power. On stage, it takes about a month to create a role, but in the field of voice acting, after just one rehearsal and direction, everyone is amazed at how much they can change their voice direction. I was amazed. It’s a completely different kind of work from being a stage actor.”

From October, he will be appearing in “Reowa Senbon Zakura: Yoshitsune and Benkei / Korokke Monomane On Stage 2021” at the Meiji-za Theater.

“He’s a really wonderful person. The sense of atmosphere that he creates, or the way he controls the atmosphere, is what makes him a legend. As an entertainer, I can feel that he cares about the audience the most and wants them to leave happy… I respect him. Mr. Korokke also saw the video of the stylish exercise! I was happy to hear that a professional comedian said it was really funny.

What does “coolness” mean to Nanami? When I asked her that question, she took her time to find the answer.

When I asked her this question, she took her time to find an answer. “Coolness is not something that you think about yourself. It’s something that the audience feels… I think it’s about showing people how I struggle with everything. The way I live, the way I work. I’d be grateful if my fans thought I was ‘cool’ as I struggled to achieve what I was aiming for.

Stylish Gymnastics” is bursting with coolness and inexplicable fun. There was a unique world here.

Presenting an autographed checkered photo of Hiroki Nanami! For more information, please visit

“Stylish Gymnastics No.1” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqsf_MAQoiE

“For more information, please visit: Stylish Gymnastics No. 1 at . “Wa Senbon Zakura – Yoshitsune and Benkei / Korokke Monomane On Stage 2021 https://www.meijiza.co.jp/lineup/2021/10/

She loves books and manga. “I’ve read a lot of books. I read a lot of books, especially mystery novels.
He is clumsy and can only concentrate on one thing at a time. “She is clumsy and can only focus on one thing at a time. “There was a time when I couldn’t eat my lunch at all because I was too busy talking on LINE LIVE while eating my lunch.
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