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Hakuho and Asashoryu’s Historic Drunken Karaoke Session

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Hakuho (left) and Asashoryu are drawn together by a Mongolian tanimati. It was a historic “handfasting” between the two yokozuna, who had been bickering with each other in and out of the ring.

Hakuho (left) and Asashoryu (right), who had been bickering with each other in and out of the ring, had won 45 makuuchi titles and 84 tournaments as yokozuna, with a total of 1,187 wins.

All of these records are the most ever set by Yokozuna Hakuho (36). The great rikishi is retiring. Twenty years have passed since his first ring appearance. It was learned that Hakuho has the intention to retire from active competition. The condition of his knee, which has been injured for a long time and was operated on in August 2008, has reached its limit. He told the press after his unanimous victory in the July tournament.

He told the press after the July tournament, in which he won all his matches, “My right knee is a wreck. …… He didn’t listen to me.

Injury was not the only reason for his retirement.

“I had dreamed of competing in the Tokyo Olympics, but now it was over. His father, Jigjidu Munhbat (deceased), was the leader of Mongolian sumo, winning six championships. He has participated in four consecutive Olympics since the last one in Tokyo (1964), and won the country’s first silver medal as a member of the wrestling team at the Mexico Olympics (1968). Hakuho performed a ring-entering ceremony at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and he had a strong desire to ‘see the same view as my great father.

He has already started to prepare for his retirement. He has already started preparing for his retirement. The candidate is Ginza. There is a restaurant called “H” in Ginza run by a former chankoban of the Miyagino-tseya, to which Hakuho belongs. Hakuho often visits the restaurant and says, “It’s a great place with such good chanko. Hakuho often visits the restaurant and says, “It’s my dream to train my disciples in this kind of delicious chanko and wonderful place.

A three-second standoff in the ring

This magazine has often encountered situations that symbolize Hakuho’s greatness. The most surprising was the scene of a hand-to-hand fight between Hakuho and Asashoryu (41), a fellow yokozuna with a strong rivalry and opposite personalities. The two yokozuna have often been at odds with each other in and out of the ring.

“It was the final day of the May 2008 tournament. After Asashoryu defeated Hakuho in the final round, Hakuho pushed him in the waist. Hakuho got angry and pushed Asashoryu back with his right shoulder, and after he stood up, he continued to sneer at him for about three seconds.

Since then, the two have avoided each other. Even when they meet each other at events such as dedication sumo and bean-throwing, they don’t speak to each other, and during the tour of Mongolia in August 2008, they even took the trouble to fly separately.

Please take a look at the photo at the beginning of this article. In the photo at the beginning of this article, the two yokozuna, who are like dogs and monkeys, are huddled together with a man between them and a big smile on their faces. The photo was taken just after the January 2009 tournament, which Asashoryu won for the first time in five tournaments. About 20 people, including a Russian woman, were invited to the party. A participant recalls.

“Even before the party started, Asashoryu was in a good mood because he had been drinking. He was in a good mood even before the party started, saying to the younger guests, who he usually doesn’t talk to, that it was thanks to you that he won the championship. They ordered a bottle of champagne or a bottle of ‘Romanée-Conti,’ which costs over five million yen, and drank like crazy.

At another booth in the venue, there happened to be Mongolian wrestlers such as Hakuho and Hima Futoshi.

“The Mongolian Tanimachi noticed Hakuho and the others and invited them to join Asashoryu’s group. Tanimachi spoke to both Yokozuna in Mongolian. Tanimachi spoke to both yokozuna in Mongolian, probably to tell them that they should get along because they were Mongolians. When he sat them down on the sofa, he pulled them close to him almost forcefully.

Thanks to the momentum of alcohol, Asashoryu and Hakuho were able to ‘make a move’. For a while, they were laughing and chatting in Mongolian.

Asashoryu must have felt much better after repairing his relationship with Hakuho. About an hour and a half after the meeting started, he took off the T-shirt he was wearing, stripped off his top and started singing karaoke.

I remember he sang four or five songs, including Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and Go Nagabuchi’s “Cheers. He sang with gestures, which made Hakuho and the Russian women laugh. At the end of the event, they lifted Asashoryu up on his shoulders to celebrate the victory. By that time, the sky was beginning to turn white.

Hakuho accepted the senior Yokozuna with overwhelming generosity. From now on, Hakuho, as the head of the yokozuna clan, will mentor younger rikishi and train them to break his own great record.

May 2011. Hakuho was drinking with several women until morning. A dynamic man himself.
May 2011. One of the women gets behind Hakuho and kicks him in the knee.
February 2003. Eight hours of drinking in Tokyo.
In February 2003, Hakuho got into a car with his hands held high in the air as people saw him off.
  • Photo by Takero Yatsuka, Keisuke Nishi, Yasuko Funamoto

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