Look Back at Newly Wed May J. and Shogen First Expose’ as Couple Almost a Decade Ago! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Look Back at Newly Wed May J. and Shogen First Expose’ as Couple Almost a Decade Ago!

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May J. and Shogen walking along the street at night, holding hands.

“To all of you who have always supported me, I am pleased to announce that I have entered into a marriage contract with Shogen, an actor with whom I have been in a relationship for some time, on June 20, our mutual birthday.”

The singer May J. (34), who made her breakthrough with the theme song of the hit movie “Anna and the Snow Queen,” reported her marriage on her Twitter account. Her partner is Shogen (44), a wild actor based in the U.S. who is 10 years older than her. After nine years of dating, they have finally made it to the goal.

May J. is from an American school and her mother is from Iran. She is fluent in English and has a strong international sense. Her partner, Shogen, is also a cosmopolitan who trained in New York to step up as an actor. The two were a perfect match from the moment they met.

In June 2002, soon after they started dating, “FRIDAY” caught the two on a date holding hands. We would like to introduce their path to marriage, along with photos that show their happiness.

Giving each other a squeeze while waiting at a traffic light.

Arms crossed under an umbrella, taken in June ’14.

On a night in June 2002, May J. and Shogen were walking in Tokyo in a light rain. Holding hands without an umbrella, they made no pretense of caring about the rain. Perhaps it was a bit chilly, but when they waited at a traffic light, Shogen hugged May J. and rubbed her back. About two hours prior to this, the two friendly people had met up at …….

The restaurant is called “Origin Bento.” The sight was overwhelming, and at first glance, everyone can see that they were not ordinary people. The woman was full of transparency. The man was dressed wildly, with his long, unkempt hair and sandals,” said a customer who was there.

The two bought some side dishes at a bento store. As they started walking with their umbrellas, May J. slipped her hand under Shogen’s right arm. May J. and Shogen then went to the gym to work out. Shogen was the one with whom she could be herself.

It has been 9 years since they started dating and 8 years since this magazine’s report, and May J. and Shogen have been nurturing their love. We wish them a long and happy life together!

Surprisingly common people meeting at a bento store, photographed in June 2002.
This photo was taken in October 2005. They were buying food at a supermarket in Tokyo.
Shogen holds May J. on his shoulder as they walk home together, photographed in June 2002.
  • Photography Sota Shima Yasuko Sakaguchi

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