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Don Konishi decodes! “The Hidden Agenda Behind Kei Komuro’s New Hairstyle

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Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27. His hair remained long.

He was wearing a blue shirt from Ralph Lauren, a popular brand based in New York, and no tie. A mask covered more than half of his face, obscuring his expression, but his eyes were wide open and his dark hair showed a strong will.

On September 27, Kei Komuro, 29, who is scheduled to marry Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, returned to Japan from the United States, where he had studied for three years and two months. At Narita Airport (Chiba Prefecture), where he arrived, he walked forward and bowed to the approximately 170 members of the press gathered there. Without saying a word, she got into her car and headed for her apartment in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Her return trip from the U.S. was full of troubles.

“Suddenly there were many changes in our schedule. Initially, Mr. Komuro had planned to fly economy class. But it turned out that the seats around him were occupied by reporters from TV stations. The flight was changed to business class.

After her return to Japan, the place where she will stay for 14 days in quarantine to protect against the new coronavirus was also hurriedly changed. The Imperial Household Agency was thinking of a hotel in Tokyo, but it turned out to be her apartment in Yokohama City. The hotel is where he and Mako’s wedding was scheduled to take place in December 2005. Mr. Komuro may have shown some reluctance,” said a reporter for a national newspaper.

There are some things that have not changed. There was one thing that did not change: Mr. Komuro’s “new hairstyle,” which was seen in New York just before he returned to Japan. His hair was tied up more tightly than when he was interviewed by a TV station in the U.S., and his forehead looked more spacious.

“He’s grown up in his own way.

Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27.

In New York, many men have grown their hair long because they cannot go to the hairdresser and have fewer opportunities to meet people due to the new Corona. Actor Brad Pitt attended the Academy Awards ceremony in April this year with long hair. Mr. Komuro’s “new hair” may have been influenced by the fact that he could not go to a hairdresser, but sometimes a person’s style and statement is expressed in his hairstyle. When fashion designer Don Konishi saw him back in Japan, he said, “I felt that he had his own message.

“I think it’s a New York-style appeal. His hair has grown long, and he looks wild. Compared to four years ago when he held his engagement press conference (September 2005), he seemed to be insisting that he had changed. I guess she wanted to show that she is different from the lad-like person she was four years ago…and that she has grown up in her own way after her military training in the US.

The United States is a free country. The experience of living in New York, where people with different cultures and customs live, and seeing Japan from the outside, where people are often bound by conventions and promises, must have changed his way of thinking. He may have decided to follow his own style.

After completing his isolation at home, Mr. Komuro is scheduled to hold a press conference alone with Princess Mako. There are many issues that require explanation, including the financial troubles between his mother Kayo and his former fiancee, his response to Prince Akishino’s complaint about “a situation where many people are satisfied and happy,” and his new married life in the U.S. …… There are many matters that require explanation.

Mako is said to want to submit her marriage registration before she turns 30 on her birthday, October 23. The press conference is scheduled to take place before that.

Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27.
Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27.
Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27.
Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27.
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