Yukina Kinoshita Explained “Yukina Park” Issue and Denied It After 16 Years of Silence | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita Explained “Yukina Park” Issue and Denied It After 16 Years of Silence

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Yukina Kinoshita often talks about her boyfriend, Hidetoshi Miyuki, on her YouTube channel

Former celebrity Yukina Kinoshita denied a theory that had been rumored on the Internet for years on her YouTube channel.

In the past, when Kinoshita worked as an apparel clerk at Shibuya’s “109,” a photo of her coordinating clothes was published in a magazine. Because Kinoshita wrote her name in a messy way, the character “Kinoshita” looked like “Park,” and the person in charge of the magazine published it as “Park Yukina.” After she debuted as an entertainer, a picture of her as “Park Yukina” circulated on the Internet.

Kinoshita has never been to Korea and was born in downtown Tokyo. She has never been discriminated against because she has Korean friends, so she had never said anything about the mistake of posting her name on the Internet.

However, with this video, she suddenly broke her silence.

“In the video, she shows her Japanese passport and says, ‘Don’t you see this?’ I felt that she was angry at the fact that she had been told things that were not true based on speculation.”(Sports newspaper reporter) .

Given that she had Korean friends and loved Korean culture, Kinoshita’s statement that “I thought it was disrespectful to Korean people to deny that I am not Korean” was not a mistake. Needless to say, there is a problem with the antagonist’s perception that he is provoking Kinoshita by putting negative connotations on all kinds of events.

When a staff member suggested, “Let’s make a YouTube video about studying Korean,” Kinoshita responded, “Oh, that’s a good idea! Kinoshita responded favorably. Miyu-tan will become a soccer player in Korea,” she added, referring to her boyfriend, Hidetoshi Sanko, a soccer player for Omiya Ardija, to show her affinity for Korea. This may also be in response to some unsympathetic netizens.

If this is the case, why did she deny it now, 16 years later?

Of course she wanted to express her true feelings about what she had been told for so long, but I think she was simply trying to create a buzz. Recently, the number of views on her YouTube has been decreasing dramatically, and it is getting harder and harder for viewers to watch unless you are in a scandal. In Kinoshita’s case, a normal video without her boyfriend’s appearance would get only a few tens of thousands of views, but a recent video with her ex-husband, “Remarried to Toshifumi Fujimoto? Breakup with boyfriend?” the number of views increased to 190,000.

I guess they got a taste of it. By putting what had been a topic of conversation on the Internet in the past, they must have been thinking of creating a buzz this time as well.

As of the 19th, the video has been viewed more than 310,000 times. What kind of “topic” will she post next just to create another buzz?

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