Man suspected of abusing 3-year-old with boiling water for more than 5 minutes ‘brainwashes mother with shivers’ | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Man suspected of abusing 3-year-old with boiling water for more than 5 minutes ‘brainwashes mother with shivers’

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Matsubara is suspected of abusing the son of a woman with whom he was living. He stated that he poured boiling water on him “just for fun” (Image: Kyodo News)

“I was playing with him by gradually raising the temperature of the shower, leaving it at 60 degrees Celsius while I played games in another room.

He left the shower temperature at 60 degrees Celsius and was playing a game in another room.” The suspect is said to have made this statement to the Osaka Prefectural Police.

In an apartment building in Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture, a nursery school child, Orito Niimura, 3, was found in a cruel state with the upper half of his body burned. The incident was discovered when 119 was called on August 31.

“A three-year-old boy was found unconscious in the bathroom. He’s not breathing.”

The caller was Takumi Matsubara, 23, an unemployed suspect who lived with Rito Sakurato’s mother. When the paramedics arrived, they found Sakurito lying naked on his back in the living room. The paramedics looked away from the horrific scene.

“He was covered in blisters from his head to his upper body, and his skin was burning red. The burns had spread all over his body, his chest was damaged down to the subcutaneous tissue, and he was in cardiopulmonary arrest. He was already dead when he was brought to the hospital, and rigor mortis had already begun. ……” (National newspaper reporter)

Why did they leave her naked for several hours?

The cause of death was burn shock, and it is believed that Rito was exposed to hot water of 60 degrees Celsius for more than five minutes. Due to the situation at the scene, the police arrested Matsubara on suspicion of murder. The suspect denied the charges, saying that he did not intentionally pour the boiling water on Sakurito and that he wanted to see him surprised.

The suspect denied the charges, saying, “I didn’t intentionally pour boiling water on him. He must have used some method to prevent him from moving, or ordered him to ‘stay still. After being doused with hot water in the bathroom, Sakurito was left naked in the living room.

It was several hours later that the suspect called 119. The delay in calling the police was probably due to the fear that the abuse would be discovered. Matsubara said that he was treating Sakurito’s body by cooling it down, but there is no trace of that.

On the day of the incident, Sakurito’s mother was out of the house. The mother and Matsubara met on a matching app in October last year and started dating. Matsubara moved out of his parents’ house and started living with her in an apartment in Settsu City in May of this year. However, from the beginning, there were many disturbing rumors about Rito Sakurato.

“In the middle of the night, picture books were thrown off the balcony, and children’s cries of ‘Gah! were heard from the balcony in the middle of the night. The mother’s acquaintances were also very worried. Rito Sakurato, who had bruises and bumps, cried, “Takkun (the suspect), no! and refused to come home.

In June this year, an acquaintance consulted with the Settsu City Office. In June of this year, the acquaintance consulted with the Settsu City Office: “(Matsubara) is hitting the children and throwing toys at them. I told them, ‘If this continues, the child who lives with us will die.

However, the mother reacted strangely when she met with the Settsu city officials. However, the mother reacted strangely when she was interviewed by the Settsu city officials, saying that there was no evidence of abuse, which seemed to contradict the testimony of her acquaintances. She is also said to have explained that Matsubara “came once or twice a week” even though they were living together. The city recognized him as “an occasional boyfriend. “The city has determined that “there is no evidence of living together and no evidence of assault (on a regular basis).

“Her mother was in love with Matsubara from the start of their relationship. She said, “He’s a company owner and a really nice guy. The mother’s inexplicable comments continued after the incident was discovered. In response to Matsubara’s statement, she told the police: “It was an accident, and it was intentional. She said, “It was an accident and not intentional. It’s hard to understand how she could go so far as to protect a man who is suspected of abusing and killing her own son, even though he was her love interest.

I wonder what kind of state of mind the mother is in as she continues to defend Matsubara. Yasuhei Ogawa, a crime journalist and former detective of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, tells us, “It’s a kind of ‘brainwashing.

“I think it’s a kind of ‘brainwashing’. There are many cases of single mothers and men in common-law relationships abusing their unrelated children. The mother doesn’t realize how serious the situation is until it becomes an incident. Even if they feel that the situation is awful, they keep it to themselves because they don’t want their boyfriend to hate them.

It is rare for a mother to defend her boyfriend, even though the incident has been discovered. For some reason, her dependence on Matsubara must have been quite strong. From now on, aftercare by the police and others will be important. It is important to carefully explain the facts of the abuse and to break the ‘brainwashing’ of the mother.

Due to the seriousness of the case, Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura announced on September 24 that he had instructed the “Expert Committee for Inspection and Verification of Child Abuse Cases” of outside experts to verify the circumstances of the case.

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