Sakurai and Aiba announce their marriage! A look back at the romantic history of “Arashi” through scoop photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sakurai and Aiba announce their marriage! A look back at the romantic history of “Arashi” through scoop photos

They were also the special navigators for the Tokyo Olympics, so they got the unusual treatment of a double announcement!

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At 6 p.m. in early October ’19, I found Sho Sakurai going straight home after work. Maybe Aiko was waiting for him at home.

It was an unexpected marriage report, and an unusual double announcement at that.

On September 28th, Sho Sakurai (39) and Masaki Aiba (38) announced their marriage to an ordinary woman. Both of them served as special navigators for the Tokyo Olympics. The announcement came at a time when they had successfully completed their major roles and were taking a break.

In the past, this magazine has reported on the passionate love lives of “Arashi” members, including these two.

Sho Sakurai’s trip to Vietnam and Hawaii with former Miss Keio

The January 16 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” reported on a “trip to Vietnam” between Sho Sakurai of “Arashi” and a former Miss Keio, Ako. The two were said to have looked like a couple who had been together for many years, taking naps by the pool of a five-star hotel and sometimes cycling leisurely through the city. In the January 23 issue of the same magazine, it was also reported that after their trip to Vietnam, they flew to Hawaii to enjoy sightseeing.

“Aiko is a classmate of Sakurai’s from his Keio days and is a literature major. I’m not sure what to make of it. She resembles Mariko Shinoda, a former member of AKB48, and was rumored to be dating Sakurai about 10 years ago. It seems that they are currently living together” (Aiko’s friend).

In fact, when Ako won Miss Keio in 2002, this magazine had an exclusive interview with her. At the time, she answered that she had a boyfriend, but it may have been Sakurai.

Sakurai was known as a member of “Arashi” who cared about his fans. The reason why he broke up with his former girlfriend, Ayaka Ogawa (34), is said to be because Sakurai was reluctant to get married because he was too concerned about his fans. A senior executive of an entertainment company who knows Sakurai tells us.

“When Kazunari Ninomiya consulted with the members about the wedding announcement, Sakurai and Matsumoto Jun were very much against it. Even after he had no choice but to accept the marriage announcement, he did not forget to appeal to the “fans first” by commenting, “I want to fulfill my role as Arashi even more. Fans are bewildered to find out that Sakurai is dating a classmate with the intention of marrying her.

The fact that Sakurai, who was supposedly more concerned about his fans than anyone else, is enjoying a date with a woman in the open – does this mean that Sakurai’s will to marry is that firm?

“In both Vietnam and Hawaii, there were a number of Japanese guests at the hotels where the two were staying. But Sakurai seemed to be relaxing without any disguise. The fact that he was able to enjoy his vacation without worrying about being seen is probably due to the fact that he was aware that it was okay for the world to know about Aiko.

Aiko was selected as Miss Keio in 2002. She was a member of a tennis club and her graduation thesis was on “war reporting.
This magazine’s unpublished cut of Aiko, who was chosen as Miss Keio in 2002… Even Sho Sakurai… Countdown to the collapse of “Arashi,” who is dating women at will
Aiko, who was chosen as Miss Keio in 2002, even Sho Sakurai… The countdown to the collapse of “Arashi” as it freely goes out with women

Masanori Aiba’s “love affair” with successful actress Asami Mizukawa

Masaki Aiba and Asami Mizukawa co-starred in the movie “Pika☆Nchi”. They were so passionate about each other that they even matched each other’s four-digit license plate numbers. ……

The most popular “good-natured” character in the group is Masaki Aiba. It was in 2010 that this magazine broke the story of his love affair with actress Asami Mizukawa.

At the time, “Arashi” was in its 11th year and was on the verge of a meteoric rise. The year before, they had participated in NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” for the first time, and Aiba herself was starring in her first drama, “My Girl” (Telecho). Mizukawa, on the other hand, is a rising star as an actress. Mizukawa, on the other hand, was in the midst of her career as an actress, appearing in many dramas and movies, including “Nodame Cantabile.

Eventually, the two went through a series of twists and turns before breaking up and choosing their own paths. If they had continued their relationship, they might have become one of the biggest couples in the entertainment industry!

In 2005, “FLASH” reported that Aiba was in love with a former celebrity who he had been with for five years.

Aiba has found a new happiness. I hope he leads a happy life…!

Asami Mizukawa visited the luxury apartment building where Masaki Aiba lives. She disguised herself with a mask and scampered around in the elevator hall to be on the alert.
In ’17, I caught her at a “yakiniku men’s party” in Azabu Juban with her best friend Yutaka Yokoyama (37) of Kanjani Eight. He has a bottomless smile, just like Masaki Aiba.

This is the beginning of the story. Leader’s “Forbidden Love

This is a shocking shot of leader Satoshi Ohno and actress Koka Yoshino in close proximity. They started dating after working together on the stage show “Sengoku Poo” in 2003.
In ’15, the magazine scooped his live-in love affair with a former actress 10 years younger than him. At the time, Satoshi Ohno told this magazine, “I can’t say anything.

Jun Matsumoto: It’s not an urban legend! Secret meeting with Mao Inoue

Matsumoto Jun leaves the restaurant with Inoue Mao (second photo) by the hour. It was already two hours past closing time, but he was so careful to leave through the employee-only entrance.
A little after 10:30 a.m., Mao Inoue heads to the high-class yakiniku restaurant where Matsumoto Jun is waiting. After making sure that no one was around, she picked up a cab.
The meeting with Yonekura Ryoko was also at a high-class yakiniku restaurant late at night. It was 4 a.m. when the meeting ended. Jun Matsumoto shook her hand and pulled her hand back for a passionate hug.

Kazuya Ninomiya’s “Niketsu” date with idol Noriko Shiina

Kazunari Ninomiya and Noriko Shiina’s relationship began when they co-starred in the drama “Nada wo Wipe” (Fuji TV). On other days, they dated with two shots in the open.

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