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Why Gaasyy-ch and Yoshikazu Higashitani Office is Involved in Lawsuits?

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Mr. Yoshikazu Higashitani of the exposé-style YouTube channel “Gaasyy-ch,” who has been relentlessly attacking Tsuyoshi Ayano and his office (from his YouTube channel).

The June 16 “News Station” (TV Asahi) broadcast of a debate between party leaders for the Upper House election has become a hot topic of discussion, as NHK party leader Takashi Tachibana was interrupted and left the room midway through his remarks.

During the discussion on security, Tachibana suddenly revealed that he had received a letter from the program’s producer asking him not to make any comments that deviated from the theme.

However, the moderator, Kensuke Okoshi, interrupted him, saying, “Please stop speaking.”Tachibana, angered by this, said, “Thank you very much,” and left the room himself.

The NHK Party, of which Tachibana is the leader, is planning to run for president, and Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. “Gaasyy-ch,” an exposé-style YouTube star, is planning to run for president. The day before, Tachibana had posted a message on Twitter about actor Tsuyoshi Ayano, whom he has been attacking.

Tomorrow, Takashi Tachibana will appear on TV Asahi’s live broadcast, and I am going to talk about Tsuyoshi Ayano’s lewdness.

Tri-Stone Entertainment, to which Ayano and others belong, has announced that it is taking legal proceedings against the online gossip postings. In mind, the company dropped one after another of Ayano’s female problems on Higashitani’s YouTube channel, Gaasyy-ch.

The company stated on its official website

Currently, there are several factual and untruthful postings on the Internet that defame and obstruct the business of our company and our talent. We will not tolerate such false postings. Therefore, we are taking appropriate legal and other measures.

The company issued a statement saying, “We will not tolerate such false postings and are taking appropriate legal procedures and other measures.” Higashitani responded to this on Twitter

“I understand that they are doing this for the sake of the TV stations and sponsors, but this is the worst thing they could do. LOL!”

He is unfazed by this.

The reason for the legal action is the upcoming TBS drama “Old Rookie,” starring Ayano, which will start on June 26.

The drama is in TBS’s signature “Sunday Gekijo” slot. The previous season’s “My Family,” starring Kazuya Ninomiya, was well received. We can’t afford to break that good trend. There must be pressure from the sponsors. By going through legal action, it is thought that they are aiming to prevent negative postings during the broadcast period.

However, the more the other party attacks, the more flared up Gaasyy becomes. According to a close source.

“If the case goes to court, all we have to do is provide evidence that we haven’t provided yet,” a source close to the case claims.

The other side is puzzling, however, is the fact that the real problem is that the evidence is not yet presented.

On the other hand, what is puzzling is the fact that the industry as a whole “tolerates” to some extent Gaasyy’s revelations, the truth of which is unknown.

The “dark side” of the entertainment industry should not be revealed to the public, as it could damage the glittering worldview of the industry. It would not be surprising if a powerful industry group issued a statement or something.

“But they are still refusing to take a stand. They probably don’t want to provoke him, considering his character, but they are too much of a third party,” said a mid-level entertainment executive.

A mid-level executive of an entertainment company said as much.

On the other hand, a list of actors and celebrities that Gershwin has pursued so far shows that many of them are independent agencies, including the aforementioned Tristone actors, Yu Shirota, and Masayuki Nitta. Most recently, he issued a warning to former SMAP member Masahiro Nakai, who left Johnny’s Office, after a former Fuji station employee with whom he was close was arrested for marijuana possession.

Even before this, there had not been many “bombs” involving talents affiliated with major production companies. Even if there were, they would be cute compared to the stories of Takeshi Ayano, Yu Shirota, and others. It seems that they are intentionally avoiding scandals involving major production companies.

For example, the aforementioned Tristone has popular actors such as Shun Oguri, Ayano, and Kei Tanaka, and has great influence in the entertainment industry, but the firm itself has a short history. From the standpoint of a major production company with a long history, one might say.

“If a seat becomes available for a Tri-Stone actor, I want to sit in.”

It is only natural that they would want to sit down with a Tri-Stone actor when his seat becomes available. One person involved in a wide-ranging TV show commented

I get the impression that actors and talents from private agencies and small production companies are being targeted. The entertainment industry is a world where the law of the jungle is very tough on newcomers. It is said that Gaasyy has been in contact with people from major production companies, which may have something to do with the situation. Regardless of the truth or falsity of the story, it is clear that the target is being targeted to the extent that it makes sense to say so.

He adds, “It’s a very good thing that they are targeting us.”

The number of subscribers to the “Gaasyy Channel” is approximately 1.23 million. The monetization of the channel has been lifted, and some reports claim that the monthly income is more than 45 million yen.

He is running for the upper house of the Diet in the July 10 election, and his campaign is expected to be conducted via the Internet. If he wins the election, he will be able to

“I will pursue the cozy relationship between politicians and the entertainment industry.”

But how far can he go?

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