Why did the leader of Yamaguchigumi VI, Shinobu Tsukasa, appear at Shin-Yokohama Station in a “pure white suit”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why did the leader of Yamaguchigumi VI, Shinobu Tsukasa, appear at Shin-Yokohama Station in a “pure white suit”?

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Shin-Yokohama Station, where the Tsukasa clan leader was descending the stairs. Passersby stopped in their tracks.

The sound of helicopters echoed around JR Shin-Yokohama Station.

At around 10:00 a.m. on June 17, the area around Shin-Yokohama Station was enveloped in a strange tension, with about 15 plainclothes police officers standing guard around the station and more than 20 strong men who appeared to be gang members. Flying overhead is a Kanagawa Prefectural Police helicopter.

In the midst of all this, Shomei Takeuchi, assistant head of the Yamaguchigumi VI, appeared at the ticket gate of the Shinkansen. Later, Seiji Takayama also appeared.

Wako Takayama and Seiji Takeuchi walking in the station
Wako Takayama gets into the car.

After 10:30 a.m., the leader of the Yamaguchi Gumi VI, Shinobu Tsukasa, appeared at the ticket gate. He was wearing black sunglasses, a bright blue undergarment, and a pure white suit.

Boss Tsukasa emerged from the ticket gate of the Shinkansen bullet train.
He walked down the stairs of Shin-Yokohama Station with his gang members in tow.
Mr. Tsukasa being escorted to the car that will pick him up.

Mr. Takeuchi, an assistant to the head of the group, leads the group members to a car parked on the porch. In front of the car, Wagashira Takayama was also waiting for them.

Wakagashira Takayama welcoming Mr. Tsukasa

The convoy carrying the group headed for the headquarters of the Yamakawa Family, the core group of the Inagawa-kai, located in Kawasaki City. A Kanagawa Prefectural Police helicopter was also flying overhead to warn of the surrounding area. A number of undercover police cars were parked around the headquarters, along with a number of investigators.

President Kiyota and union leader Tsukasa shaking hands firmly.

After about an hour past midnight, a delegation from the head office, led by President Tsukasa, emerged from the building. There they shook hands firmly with Inagawa-kai President Jiro Kiyota and got into the car again.

The Tsukasa clan leader and his group leaving the Yamakawa family headquarters
Kanagawa Prefectural Police helicopter flying overhead as a precaution

What was the purpose of this visit? An Inagawa-kai insider asked.

We had originally planned to have dinner together at the end of June, but President Kiyota fell ill a little while ago. So this time it was to visit him. The meeting lasted about an hour, and we had lunch and tea together. No alcohol was served. Although he was ill, on the way home, he took the elevator to see them off, saying, ‘Since you came all the way here, I’ll see you off.

The group then headed back to Shin-Yokohama Station. After seeing off the boss, Wagashira Takayama and Assistant Wagashira Takeuchi also headed home on another bullet train.

Mr. Tsukasa on his way home from Shin-Yokohama Station

Recently, the Yamaguchigumi split war has intensified again, with frequent attacks on the Kobe Yamaguchigumi side by the Yamaguchigumi VI side.

It is believed that this visit is “aimed at strengthening the relationship with the Inagawa-kai, which has a friendly relationship with the Yamaguchigumi, and appealing to the people around them” (investigator ).

There is a strong possibility that the divisional war will intensify further in the future.

Mr. Tsukasa talking with Mr. Takeuchi on the station platform.
He was also having a serious discussion with Wakagashira Takayama.
Mr. Tsukasa boarding the bullet train on his way home.
After seeing off Mr. Tsukasa, Mr. Takayama and Mr. Takeuchi wait for the next bullet train in the waiting room.
  • Photo by Shinji Hamasaki, Takero Yuzoku

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