Scoop! The Truth Behind the Heart Attack of Two High School Girls in Aichi, Japan | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop! The Truth Behind the Heart Attack of Two High School Girls in Aichi, Japan

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Prefectural X High School. The school focuses on club activities, and many students commute from nearby areas by bicycle or bus.

Both girls were cheerful. They were the type of girls who attracted people in class. That’s why we don’t know why they died, and we’re in shock too. ……”

The female student shed tears as she spoke. It was around 23:00 on the night of June 4 that a shock struck the town near the sea in Aichi Prefecture. Two second-year female students, Ako and Boko, who attended X High School in the town, were found dead in the mountains behind the school. The school held an emergency assembly at the beginning of the week to announce their deaths to the entire student body, forbade the students to talk about their deaths at all, and thoroughly deleted their posts on social networking services.

The two girls were at the school with their parents. Two girls from that high school committed suicide together in the mountains behind the school. I’ve heard that the girls ate ice cream together just before they died, and that they called the police themselves before they died. Rumor has it that there was bullying in the brass band they were in, or that they were bullied by a teacher.

Some of the parents demanded an explanation for this bizarre situation, but no parent-teacher conferences have been held. The school explained, “We can’t talk about anything because of the bereaved family’s wishes. The school explained, “We can’t tell you anything because of the bereaved family’s wishes, and we ask you to understand. The deceased children A and B were originally classmates at the same junior high school.

They were in the same class at the high school, and were both active in the same club. In high school, they were in the same class and played in the same brass band. They were always together, but they didn’t seem to be out of place and had a lot of friends. Everyone in the brass band was calm and friendly.

Two female students were found in the mountains. The back of the school is connected to the mountain and anyone can freely enter.

Since elementary school, Ms. A had been a girl who treated everyone in a flat manner, such as bringing her shy friends into everyone’s circle. Child B has also been active since she was a child, often riding her bicycle around the neighborhood with her friends.

One of the girls began to be bullied by a third-year student in the same brass band. There is a story that a suicide note was also left in the club room, and there are rumors among current students that this may have been the cause. However, the school has been told to keep quiet about it for the sake of the bereaved family, so I think everyone is keeping their mouths shut.

The vice principal of X High School was interviewed about the incident.

–On the night of June 4, we heard that two female students committed suicide in the mountains behind the school.

It is a fact that two of our female students died. But I can’t tell you anything more than that.

–I heard that the cause of the suicides was bullying within the club. ……

We can’t talk about that because of the family’s wishes.

While everyone is tight-lipped in this small town, the concerns and suspicions of the residents continue to swell beneath the surface.

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